Season 4: every goal

A special post today. I have a bumper compilation of goals from season 4 of my Master League career in PES2011.

I recorded literally every goal I scored, all 48 of them, no matter the quality.

Without further ado, here it is:

Link: Season 4 - every goal

There are 48 goals in total, with only a few shown twice from other angles.

The goals appear in strict chronological order, from the start of the season to the end.

I didn’t want any trouble from Sevenload’s copyright patrol, so I got the music from an open source website. The four tracks are taken from a collection called Terra Incognita by a poster called ‘nightowl’.

I also made one of these compilations for PES2010 last year, albeit after 10 seasons when I had better players than I have currently in PES2011.

It’s always interesting to note patterns and repetitions of scoring methods, if any. But I will leave it to the viewers to judge whether this compilation shows the best or worst side of PES2011 and/or of my approach to it.

For the record, my favourite goal of the season appears at just 47 seconds, scored by David Bellion.

Normal service will be resumed on Wednesday, with my first post about my opening spell in the Premier League.


  1. abbeyhill—watch out for the ‘Advanced Start bug’ if you fancy a traditional Default squad game.. See these two posts for full details: firstly the bugged start (i.e. what not to do); and then the real start. It sounds like you got a lot out of FIFA10—not moving onto FIFA11? It’s got a superb shooting system, you know. Really good.

  2. Thanks Paul, that’s bizarre of Konami to create so many made-up teams. I wonder how they do it, or whether it’s just some random generator. Which option file do you use? Is it just for PS3, or also a PC version?

    Not-greg, advice noted on the ‘advanced start’ bug. I might give the defaults a miss this year however, and play with a real team – maybe a very weak French or Italian team and try to survive in D1. Arles-Avignon could be a good choice – any football team from such scenic tourist cities must be really rubbish!

    I’m certainly tempted by FIFA11 too, indeed have already bought it, but will tackle PES first. Like yourself I prefer not to play both at once. I’ve also got limited gaming time on my PS3 (obviously I can play PES on the PC), especially when my wife is addicted to ‘I’m a celebrity’!!

  3. Oh, and I’m also contemplating the unusual step of tweaking the PES controls to make them more like FIFA’s – i.e. using L2 rather than R2 for close control/defensive positioning. Is this complete sacrilege?

  4. It absolutely bewilders me to think how Konami make up such random fictitious teams and player names, must be some kind of generator.
    Id say go with whatever is good for you in terms of controls.
    I mod my PES controls on PS3 but only as far as switching the Shoot/Lob pass buttons round as im so used to this from years of playing FIFA.

    As far as option files Abbey, I have the WENB v1.0 base OF then Ahlkens NPower championship file over the top of that. So i have a fully realistic, licensed English top 2 tier (Prem and Championship)

  5. abbeyhill—I’ve always played FIFA with the controls changed to PES’s, so I’m not qualified to judge if the reverse is ‘better’—it’s got to be what you’re used to and comfortable with.

    Good to hear that you see the sense of only playing one football game at a time. I wonder how many of those who can’t quite get into either game are trying to play them both, and getting the best out of neither?

  6. So far this first season has been an interesting one for me, I’ve only played 3 games (top plyr, 10 mins)and I’m doing alright two score draws one with man city the other liverpool and a win over bolton so all seems rosy however I have a few queries? Is the patch a placebo because I have no idea what’s changed? And my 2nd point is slightly more troublesome, all my gameplay consists of late is long balls and set pieces, I am old I have two big blokes up front and only shimizu as a playmaker and I can’t seem to sign anyone remotely cultured just more big lumps?? So I’m on the cusp of starting again as I think I’ve not applied enough attention to the staff and management do u try and sign ur way out of trouble or build using upgrades I fear I may have drastically damaged my chances of building a new tonbridge based barca! help and good luck.

  7. Lord Stanley—good question about the possible placebo-ness of the patch as a whole. If we hadn’t known there was a patch, would we have noticed a change at all? I like to think I’d have ntoiced what I perceive to be a definite change in the game’s handling. I’ve played PES2011 very intensely over the past month, and there is a palpable difference for me. Luckily we have Konami’s word for it too, with the pre-release patch notes, otherwise I could have found myself on the other side (for once) of a familiar post-DLC argument…

    I’m still playing pass-and-move, and almost never go long-ball. PES’s genius has always been how it accommodates and rewards different approaches to the game. In recent years it’s over-emphasised speed and skillz IMO—a rot that started to set in with PES6 (yes, sacrilege I know, but it’s my sincere opinion)—and reached a notorious low with PES2008. I find PES2011 is a refreshing step back in the right direction, but it needs to go further back in that direction with PES2012.

  8. John Carpenter-esque backing track !

  9. Granulated—I just fancied a different kind of Thing. Ahem.

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