Long-range forecast

It had to happen. I love long-range goals. I’ve struggled to score one in PES2011 so far. But I kept trying to score one, and eventually, yes, I scored one. Here it is (my team’s playing here in a new black-and-grey away kit):

Link: PES2011 long-ranger

That’s Schwarz with the thumping finish. He’s still a raw Youth. But that celebrated left foot is starting to show itself.

Over the first part of this season—my second, and Schwarz’s second too—he’s steadily grown in influence.

His rise to prominence has paralleled my growing familiarity with the game, of course, but he’s the only one to emerge so far from the pack of relative non-entities in my squad. I have got other decent players, but Schwarz is currently a good one. This goal was the middle of three goals he scored in successive matches.

The lightness of the shooting in PES2011 is responsible for my lack of long-rangers so far. Almost three weeks in, and the above goal is genuinely my first real contender. I’ve finally adapted, just about, to feathering the shoot button. Last year, PES2010 was one of the heaviest PES instalments ever.

In my last post I related the tale of an amazing session of PES2011 in which I rediscovered that my motivation to play Master League in the first place was to win matches. Not just placidly bide my time until I had enough good players to give myself permission to start really trying. No more passive treading of water, I told myself. “You can do it!” Etc.

Well, predictably, in my next session the game seemed to turn against me. Could I get a win? Could I hell. I swear my attitude and approach were both the same. But PES2011 was like a different game now.

I was fortunate to get a few draws and only lose a couple of matches. I had to wait for my next win until the next session completely.

It’s all combined to leave me dangling in 13th place after 15 matches. With the mid-season break coming up, it’s safe to say that there’ll be no heroic surge to the top of the table. Not this season.

But I’m still looking ahead, equipped with my new attitude. A few good new players and I think I’ll have enough to set the agenda.

A word before I go about my new away kit. It’s a rather fetching version of the previous striped away kit, except this season the stripes are black and dark grey.

There’s MACCO on the left, modelling the away kit. As can be seen, the game doesn’t exactly push the graphical boat out in terms of differentiating between shirt and shorts as separate physical objects. The kit looks like an all-in-one body suit there. That’s a minor quibble, but other quibbles are not so minor.

The PES2011 annoyances are starting to form a pretty long list. Player switching is the headline issue. Full-backs randomly wandering upfield to play as central strikers (!) is just as big an issue for me. I’ve got a movie clip of my left-back wandering around up front next to Schwarz when my ATT/DEF level was on the lowest setting. There are other issues.

Do they spell long-term doom for PES2011? It’s hard to say for sure. I still love the game overall, and hope that the issues remain at their current level for me—tolerable. Just.


  1. First of all, nice goal, It definitely is harder to score long range bombers this year, most of my out of the area goals have been with daisy cutters rather than smashed higher trajectory efforts.
    Secondly, your new Grey/Black striped kit looks GREEN and black?!?!

    Lastly, I had a mammoth 12 game session last night, am currently rock bottom of Div 2 having drawn 3 and lost 9 of those 12 games.
    Normally i wouldn’t be bothered, the challenge is what im after but there are a few things that are really hampering my enjoyment of ML so far, in fact if I had just 2 words to sum up my PES 11 ML experience so far it would be TOTAL EXASPERATION.

    The cursor selecting players is a big thing, so wont touch on that much more than to say, to me, it is happening very frequently, in areas that are catastrophic and cost me at least 4 games last night.
    Players needing t take a touch before being able to play a first time shot, clearance or pass – totally unrealistic, even the most lowly unskilled real world footballers are able to hoof a ball 50 yards first time. Next up for the gripe-o-meter is The inability to control the ball near a touchline with ANY player … need I say any more?
    Most grating though up there with the cursor select issue is the fact that PES 11 seems to dictate that you CANNOT dribble or run at a defender with ANY player.
    I signed a strong pacy Nigerian CF for my ML team, great shot accuracy, power and speed stats, thought he would be the perfect catalyst to picking up a fwe results, a strong finisher with enough speed to get that crucial yard on a defender to create scoring chances….. how wrong was I.
    Even through balls that leave the defence split in 2 and give my CF a 5 yard clear gap to run into are worthless, the CPU defender always speeds back catches my forward and just walks the ball off his feet, every time!! if not always out-muscling him in the process.
    Again itss ridiculous and a complete flaw IMO that dribbling past players or using a burst of speed to gain an advantage and open up some space is almost frowned upon and prohibited by PES as it never lets you do it.
    Im playing against DIV 2 teams with equally as lowly stats in some cases as my players, why are all the CPU defenders superhuman compared to my players!?!

    Out of curiosity I checked the stats for my new CF against that of the defender that kept overpowering him, my CF had Speed and responsiveness stats up in the high 80’s … and whilst i couldn’t see the stats of the defender, a CB for Notts Forest in Div 2 surely isn’t gonna have speed stats of 90+ that would be needed to completely outdo my CF every time.

    Im completely frustrated and at a loss as to what to do next, have tried new formations, auto strategies, the lot, just cannot create anything of any worth up front.
    The only saving grace is that I cant wait to get home and play a few more games, i guess its the stubbornness in me to want to succeed, but dont know how long i can go on being rooted to the bottom of the table losing games for reasons that are beyond my control.

    Sorry for the long post.

  2. Paul—I loved the goal—and the new away kit’s definitely black and grey! The colour was immediately adjacent to black on the palette, I clearly remember picking it and wondering how it would look, and liking how it looked and sticking with it. It does look a bit dark green in the picture and I’m not sure why, but could it be an effect of the screen photo? Stare at it for a bit though and you can tell it’s definitely grey.

    As for your current big issue, all I can say is that PES has always done this—it’s always artificially handicapped your players, imposed penalties, and boosted the AI team. I understand it even does this in online multiplayer, when ‘momentum’ clearly swings behind one team or the other at various times.

    I don’t like it, and the question every year since I first noticed it in my face (PES4/PES5 was when it started getting really bad IMO) has always been: does this make playing the game meaningless, or can I wrestle with it?

    There’s much more to say, of course, but I’ve got to get ready for work. I’ll comment more later, and in any case I think Friday’s post will feature my first proper rant of the year. About those corners…

  3. Yeah, the pace thing is particularly annoying. As a result of it I sold my lightning quick striker and replaced with a stronger slower model. Does get frustrating as the new passing system is ideal to pit through players.

  4. So far I’ve found shooting stats to be far more important than speed for any striker, because as everyone has noticed, no attacker will ever outrun any defender this iteration. That is surely a “feature” and will be in the mix for the duration. I’d expect that it’s about making online play more fun and nerfing pace-spammers.

    The switching problems and sideline idiocy could be patched. I’d love to see Konami pull an EA and make an announcement about upcoming bug fixes.

    @Paul: I’m scoring goals, but none . . . not a single one . . . from a striker getting free and clear one-on-one chances. The only players that get in on the keeper in my ML (playing a 4-1-3-2) are my wingers, who will occasionally find themselves unmarked out wide. A diagonal lofted ball from the right player can send them in on goal.

    While it’s true that there’s no capacity to beat a defender one-on-one without using feints/tricks, strikers can get a decent shot in much tighter space than earlier PES iterations — my most common goal comes from playing the ball around the 18-22 yard range, waiting for one of my strikers to see some daylight, or for one of my wingers to break out wide and put in a cross.

    @not-Greg: What is the Attack/Defense Level of your fullbacks? If their A/D was set to S/DEF (solely defensive) perhaps that would help? I can’t find anywhere to change it in ML, and sadly if you edit it through the player editor it won’t change inside your ML.

    But if you have a good enough scout, you can see the A/D Level of prospective purchases — maybe finding a BAL or DEF fullback would do the trick?

  5. The inability to change attack /defense levels has got to be a bug. It’s been a tactical staple for ages in PES. It makes no sense whatsoever that you cannot change it. They have to fix this in a patch.

  6. Nice goal. It’s impressive to see that you’re sticking to your hardcore approach to ML this year. I wussed out and did div 2 with the default teams on regular, before switching to professional when I got promoted. I usually do the first ML campaign this way then start a new one on top player with the defaults etc.

    I’m quite surprised that there is as much negativity about this years PES on forums in general. There are certainly some quirks in the implementation of the overall ML, alright bugs if I’m being less generous. However so far, I think that the gameplay is holding up.

    I’ve yet to notice the cursor changing being a problem – I’ve cocked up and that’s cost me, but I don’t think I could blame the AI. I guess I’m in the minority there though.

    Control of the ball in general and on the flanks specifically, seems to require a well weighted pass and careful control of the player receiving it. It can be unforgiving – but the AI struggles as well so it seems fair-ish. For player stats to mean anything this is always going to be tricky with the rubbish ML defaults

    Moving from regular to professional with the same set of ropey players has highlighted (to me) the way in which the AI adjusts between the levels. The through ball gaps are smaller, the AI positions itself to cut more balls out and smaller quicker strikers tend to lose out if there is any contact with a defender. If you can get a player through a gap untouched you can still win the foot-race.

    The not being able to dribble past players / being caught by a defender when dribbling gripes come up every year. I’ve never had a problem with this for two reasons. Firstly, the game would be too easy if speed was all that mattered – so some artificial balancing is fine. Secondly, in real life players dribbling with the ball are slower than those running without it and dribbling round a player doesn’t happen that often (requiring skill more than pure speed?).

    I tend to assume (probably incorrectly) that user controlled teams and AI opponents are balanced on regular difficulty. It’s easy to improve the AI routines when the computer has the ball such that harder difficulty settings result in better AI play (chances, ball retention). I’ve been ripped apart by the better EPL teams at times in my second season on professional. It’s harder to tighten the AI defensive routines on harder difficulty settings without it looking like cheating. The through pass is so powerful and effective on regular that I’m glad the AI takes steps to reduce its efficacy on harder levels, even if it “cheats” to do this.

    On a negative note of my own – hypocrisy is a wonderful thing. Opponents frequent scoring from last minute corners and free kicks (any time) do grate a bit. Scoring from last minute corners I can kind of forgive – the AI overloads the box. The fact that every team contains a Beckham-a-like who can and usually does score from anywhere gets a bit irritating.

    If anybody is still reading – sorry this has gone on for far too long, have people noticed that your teams form arrows are usually better (red green) at home and worse (blue, purple) away? Nice touch this I think and definitely had an impact on my home/away record over the season.

  7. Hi Not greg, Glad to see you are still plugging away! It would appear that we are all roughly at the same stage, Im languishing in 14th but ive only played nine games of which i had a 1-0 win!!!!!! hows your cup exploits have you managed to get past the first round, I got dumped out. Just to add my two peneth about the sprinting, I have to say that it seems to be me to be quite balanced (obviously only in my experience) but although its a totally different affair to PES2010, I found that with certain teams with good wingers I was able to murder teams over and over again, it tended to break down in the box later on but on the wing if you find the right players things can happen which is better than just destroying teams with pace like i did last year. It means i have to give it a bit more variety. I feel this year that D2 is just a bit more realistic abit more like what it would be like to rattle around in the championship if you play as a team you win, if the other team has one decent player you get hammered? just seems similar to that. Anyway, i think ive probably played far less than you guys and so the honeymoon period still hasnt worn off, you just wait next week i’ll be chiming in about how disappointed i am, ha! until next time, great blog good luck with the strip!

  8. Liam—I’ve yet to pick up a real speed demon. For now I’m putting people through in maybe a yard of space, and already well-used to getting the shot away first-time.

  9. ck—I agree, it does seem as if PES2011 is built around the concept of no player being able to outrun any other. I can’t see it being patched without unbalancing the whole structure.

    I’ll have a look at my full-backs’ settings and cards etc. as soon as I can. After a bit of careful observation (and self-observation) it’s possible that the full-backs are continuing runs initiated by me with the one-two mechanic. Possibly. Even if that’s true, what are they doing going all the way up front, crossing to the middle, and staying there?!

  10. Ken—there’s no problem with changing the ATT/DEF levels. The problem with my side-backs is that they’re often running forward and playing as central strikers no matter what that setting is!

  11. Gengis—don’t worry about it, I do read every comment, I just sometimes don’t respond for a while and/or to every point raised. Right now I’m at work, so brevity is forced on me…

    I’ve definitely noticed the home/away difference in form arrows, and I welcome it. In days gone by I’d never play with a blue- or purple-arrowed player under any circumstances. Last year and this, sometimes my entire team is blue and purple.

    I’m not surprised at all about the negativity towards PES2011 on the forums. The game does have issues, or apparent issues anyway. It’s been at least 4 years since a PES game was indulged to the extent that the PS2 games were indulged.

  12. Lord Stanley—re. the pace/non-pace issue and possible solutions or workarounds, I’ve just read about the ‘R1 knock-on’ where a quick double tap will ping the ball in front of you to run onto (a la PES5’s celebrated first-touch feature). I’ll be trying that out tomorrow.

    I was knocked out in the first round of the Option File-created FA Cup last season, and this season I wasn’t even in it at all. I half-expected to receive an insulting message from the game.

    This PES is a great one—I still think that despite all the issues. I currently think it’s harder than previous PES games, particularly previous next-gen PES games, in some ways (some of them unfair ways).

    I think I’ve played a lot less than most people too. With everything going on in my life at the moment—work, and other things—I shouldn’t really be playing any games as much I still manage to.

  13. @Gengis: Great post. Thanks for giving some perspective on the topic du jour.

  14. for the full backs running to striker position im affraid i havent noticed dat, my full backs were f. aurelio and micha richards, i never saw them in the box, the furthest they got was near the half way line, nt sure y everyone else is having that problem, have to add great goal, i remeber ozil scoring my first long shot, beautiful left foot,

    i feel that player nt being able to pace past defenders can be a good thing, it means more tactical play, it does get a bit stupid when lennon cannot run past carrager lol, mabey this will improve later on mabey in next pes even if dat is a long way away or hopfully som sort of update thing if it is possible but hopfully it is fixed, it dosnt end up with people just using fast players to score and win, i remember playing agasint my brother using both our master league teams. he had all fast players across his team including fast defenders, mine were a bit slower and it showed that the faster you are the more chance u have of scoring, his not dt good at pro but with fast it made it easier for him to get a one on one with my goalkeeper and score, ds y i like the new pes bt ds just me. i want to know what this corner thing is.

    gengis-i have noticed my player do regularly go to blue or purple but never knew y, mabey thats the reason, if so a gd feature and no im more forgiving on my players if they go ontyo blue, used to get so angry wen half my first 11 was in blue and purple.

  15. The shooting on PES has always been a big plus for me maybe the exception of PES 6 on the 360 where I struggled for months and cost me many victories online, I kept balooning it over the bar and went back to it recently with the same results. On PES 2011 I’ve had it sussed for a couple of weeks now and it is a BIG plus for me.

    My best mate left PES after 08 and no matter how I try to convince him he won’t come back, although I did get him to play a couple of games of Winning Eleven Blue Samurai and that was his one and only plus comment the shooting is good.

    I have been messing around the past couple of days with iMovie recording my replays. Here is a compilation of long range shooting, I do apologise for the music but due to all my videos I edit for Celtic sites being removed due to Copyright infringements, I had to make do with in-house music in iMOvie.

    My 1st and favourite goal so far in my BAL career with De Graafschap


  16. @greg: fair point about the negativity, I guess this version of PES has been subject to a greater degree of expectation than any of the other next-gen versions.

    I think the full back issue is interesting. I wonder if their propensity to wander is a function of their low ability? I haven’t noticed this issue using other teams, prior to starting my ML campaign. My preferred ML formation is 3-5-2, because that way I can guarantee that I have 3 men to deal with a counter-attack and the central positioning of a CB means that I’m able to deal with the through-ball down the middle more reliably. Consequently I haven’t had to worry about the SB issue.

    I do think not being able to set individual ATT/DEF levels within the ML is a bizarre decision on the part of Konami.

    The other strange control issue is the use of the select button to set strategies and the team attack level. I don’t play online – but I have a group of mates that I’ve played against offline for years. One of them was a master at using the offside trap strategy – he’s mortified by the change to the control system and struggling to use the new button config effectively (good for the rest of us though).

    @cklarock: cheers, I was a bit worried that i would come across as a PES fanboy, blind to any issues. There have always been problems with every version of PES (in my opinion) and this version is no different. At the moment I’m loving the overhauled gameplay and the strategic depth. It’s still too easy to get wingers down the flanks though – I score a lot from crosses.

    My comments about the AI “cheating” on harder levels reflect my attitude to PES and gaming in general. I like a challenge – it’s no fun if it’s too easy. On the other hand if the game is caning me via fair means or foul and I’m not enjoying it – I’m not so proud that i won’t turn the difficulty down. It’s important to me that I play PES at a level that I find challenging. I don’t particularly care what level that is and I have limited pretensions about my competence at the game. My nightmare would be a version of PES that I could pick up and play at the hardest level with an awful team and win easily. To that end I’m happy to acknowledge the AI cheating at harder difficulty levels – but i don’t care as long as I’m finding that difficulty level fun to play. At the moment I’m mid-table in the EPL on professional – I’ve played some easy games, some hard fought contests, I’ve lost to mediocre sides (especially away) and some of the best teams have played me off the park – perfect!!

    I’ve stayed away from discussing scripting (well not now I haven’t) which has probably been a factor in previous versions of PES and may well be present in this one. I’m in no danger of winning anything at the moment so if it’s there – I probably won’t have encountered it yet. From the tone of my introduction to the paragraph it’s probably obvious that I’m not convinced that scripting occurs. I’d like to believe that you’ve got a chance of winning every game regardless of the situation – but that the AI is capable of stepping it up a level on occasion. It may be naive to suggest (or hope) that scripting and predetermined results don’t happen – but I enjoy it more if I play with that mindset.

    Another long post – I’m certainly not expecting blow by blow responses – It’s fun to put it out there though.

  17. ali—I think the full-back problem depends on the full-back and also the tactics you use in-game. I’m determined to find out so I’ve got some investigating to do over the next few sessions.

    As for player pace and so on, I’m not sure which way to look at it. Obviously it’s essential that the game of football be represented as faithfully as possible, but if they make sprinting as effective as it was in PES2008, they destroy the computer game of football.

    If you haven’t seen any sign of the corner thing, count yourself very fortunate 😉

  18. Heraldo—I love that BaL goal! A well-placed chip from distace is one of the sexiest types of goal you can score on a computer game.

    The long-range (and almost long-range) goals compilation is a bit of an eye-opener for me on a number of levels. One, becuase I too keep hitting the posts and bar from distance and now realise it’s not me or my poor players, it’s the game kind of making it that way. And two, the super-long-range ones are possible to score. You realise what this does to my first game in my next session. Long-range shooting derby, coming up.

    PES’s shooting is one of its crown jewels and if they ever seriously nerf it, that could be PES’s downfall.

  19. i do love it how u cnt score every long shot with certain players (gerrard, totti) it did get a bit boaring in the old pes as my hole gameplay revolved around the attaking mid who was usually able to smash one in from long range. now the new pes means long shots will go sky high or smash of the post whihc mean you are less likly to shoot from outside of the box and think of playing a beautiful through ball to split the defence. so far overall i have found the game very easy in ML but this could eb because i am liverpool so still havent realy found out hw hard the game realy is but still had some great matches including europa league final with villarial. ended up 3-2 to me in second half of extra time. i went behind twice in the first half and the game kept me on the end of my seat. hopfully i have more matches like that on friday wen i play with my new rubbish team.

    i would still love to know what this corner thing is so i can avoid it 😛 mabey next post will be on friday tlling u hw the fresh start is goiong with the crap team, hope i get promoted in my first season, highly doubt it though. o well it will be a gd challenge 😀

  20. Well I started my ‘cheat’ ML last night with Liverpool and their original squad on Top Player difficulty and I must say I’m absolutely loving my first taste of next-gen Master League so far.
    In my first match, at home to Bolton, I lost Rodriguez to injury in the 1st half hour and then, shortly afterwards, Matty Taylor got sent off for Bolton. I then hit a quick fire brace either side of half time only for Torres to go off injured shortly afterwards. Gerard was looking knackered at the 70 min mark so I brought on Poulsen as a DM and immediately Bolton started looking dangerous and almost immediately they cut through my midfield and scored on the break.
    I held on for a 2-1 win but the variables during a match and their subsequent effect on the game just blew me away after playing FIFA for the last 3 years.
    After just one match I had my star striker out injured for weeks and my young striker (Pacheco)unhappy that I played him out of position as a sub.
    I also have a DM on the bench whose obviously not up to the task.
    After just one match I already have so much to think about, none of which would have happened in the previous 3 years of FIFA’s Manager Mode. The immersion is just what I’ve been missing – it really stimulates the imagination (and the gameplay’s not bad either).
    Sorry to come across all Jimmy G-Force (and also breaking my cardinal rule of going into detail about a single match nobody else gives a damn about)

  21. gengis—I’ve never been a fan of a back 3 in real life or gaming. In real football, of course, the wide midfielders function pretty effectively as wingbacks, but in PES and even old-style arcadey FIFA back in the 90s, I’ve always felt exposed. I think football games favour wingplay a great deal. (I’m talking about Football Manager as well here.)

    I’ve got a clip of my left-back playing as a central striker (and scoring a good goal!) coming up in tomorrow’s post.

    I’m not used to the SELECT+R1/R2 thing yet either. To me it seems fiddly and anti-intuitive. It really interrupts the flow. I almost have to brace myself to change anything using the system. I don;t like it at the moment, but give it a few hundred hours and I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

    I’m still playing PES2011 on Professional difficulty, and still getting beaten in nearly every match (the false dawn of a few posts ago was precisely that). I think many PES veterans have a belief that could be summed up as “it doesn’t count if it’s not Top Player”—whilst also complaining that Top Player is too easy. That’s their way; I’ve got mine. I’ll only go up to Top Player when I feel I’ve mastered the game on Professional, i.e. winning most matches.

    I’m convinced that scripting exists. No—I know it exists, and I’m always amazed at the proposition that it doesn’t exist. At its broadest, scripting occurs when the AI team builds up a near-unstoppable momentum that results in a clear-cut chance on goal, or indeed a goal. Your players cannot pass, cannot run, cannot tackle. There is often a guaranteed ‘continuity of possession’ by the AI until it gets that chance or that goal. In PES2011, just watch what can happen 9 times out of 10 at a late CPU corner in a match that you’re winning. Even if the ball doesn’t go in your net, (which it’s likely to) the ball will stay with the AI around your box for a hair-raising, ‘exciting’ finale. Not to mention all the early goals the AI scores directly from its kick off, or straight after you score, etc.

  22. Oh, and I’m hoping I’ve solved my PAL 60hz issue by ordering an RGB Scart lead… these leads have been receiving rave reviews from SDTV owners for years by all accounts – why Microsoft don’t include one with the bloody console is anybody’s guess

  23. Chris—details about single matches are arguably more immersive to read about than generalities across several matches. I’ve been mulling over a few changes to the way I blog, and much more focus on single matches and events is one of them.

    I agree, needless to say, that Master League is greater than Manager Mode. For all PES2011’s niggles and ML’s surprising few issues (the Void!), it’s still ten times, a hundred times, better as a single-player career mode. In fact, it’s an unfair comparison in many ways, the two modes are so so far apart in feeling and immersion.

  24. Greg Like you I’ll move up through the difficulty levels when I feel the game’s getting too easy – starting on regular makes the game last longer (as a whole) for me. I’ve being playing Konami football games since the SNES, but it seems to take me a while to adjust to every new version – getting old I guess.

    I’m not really suggesting that scripting doesn’t happen, more an exercise in self-delusion or denial. The examples (of scripting or a temporary ramp in the AI?) that you’ve cited seem to have been with us forever. Games where your scripted events seem to happen often coincide with my other favourite; the AI appearing to decide that you won’t score – cue hitting the post, blasting over the bar, tame shots that the keeper actually catches and inexplicable heavy or additional touches prior to shooting.

    I think (not certain) that the cpu match results are determined prior to your game. After playing out the draw/loss I often discover that the teams above me have also failed to win (maintaining the gap). Or they’ve won (if I’m leading) closing the gap and ensuring a climactic season finale.

    That said, I think my example is less clear cut than those you’ve given and might just be a function of playing badly, coincident with other results that make the league more exciting. It’s a fine line (for me) between blaming scripting for a poor result and accepting that at the vital stages during the game (in some cases the whole game), I didn’t execute well enough. I suspect I’m back in denial again here – I try not to worry about any of it too much.

  25. not-Greg

    To be honest I would rather score a goal from close range after a passage of neat passing, I merely threw the footage together to get a hint of the quality on YouTube when recording with iPhone, better than I expected as I plan to record my BAL career. I only posted it as it fell in with your post title.

    Thanks and that was one of the most satisfying goals I have scored in a long time.

  26. Gengis—the matches where the human player is inexplicably prevented/reined in from scoring/creating chances are prime examples of the game influencing on-pitch events in order to achieve a hidden end. That’s what I call scripting. I don’t mean that the game individually plans events moment-by-moment within games, just that conditions vary so suspiciously in some games, and in some periods of some games (usually ones you’re winning), that the only reasonable conclusion, IMO, is that the programmers made a deliberate and conscious choice to program the game that way. An invisible hand that crushes the vitality out of your team for periods when the game would like to score an equaliser: that’s what I mean scripting.

    But, yes, given that I’m still playing the game with enthusiasm and goggle-eyed love, I don’t like to drive with the hood up either… Although the farcical events that surround CPU corners in PES2011 are testing my forbearance to the limit.

  27. Heraldo—you might want to give the hosting service I use, Sevenload, a look. I originally went to them because YouTube was down for me one afternoon (!), but I’ve stayed with them because I find the quality of their clips to be a bit better. But it’s been a while since I had a good play around with YouTube’s settings, and they are the biggest, so I would guess that there’s no quality difference really.

    As you know I love the long-rangers, but I’ve found PES2011 surprisingly conducive, for me, to creating passing goals with the whole team as well. This is probably due to long-rangers being harder now, so I’m trying to pass the ball more. Regardless, I’ve got another clip of a team goal coming up in Friday’s post.

  28. Well just to confirm a change in this years installment, I yet again came into the title run in with a chance if winning the league. I was top on goal difference with 5 games to go. I won 4 and drew one. In the old Pes that would have virtually guaranteed me the league but not anymore. Man Utd won every game!!!

    So two seasons in a row has mist definitely seen the computer kindness. I wouldn’t mind but it was a last minute equaliser against Bolton scored by ex Hammer Freddie Kanoute! Bastard.

    Still, I did manage to win the Champions League with an extra time deflected free kim against Barca. As a I sign of the immersion of this game, I was actually nervous!

    I want to win the league before starting with the defaults. I think there’s gonna be a lot of life in this game.

    Haven’t seen a problem at CPU corners yet, have only conceded a handful in two full seasons.

  29. Liam—that’s really good news from yourself. I’ve always had the feeling that you’re a top PES player, so if it’s tripping you up like that then I could be in for another long career.

    Re. corners etc., I suppose it all comes down to our individual approaches to the game. Me, I just can’t defend corners. I was going to write today’s (Friday’s) post all about them but decided I need more time. I do know that the CPU takes full advantage of my uncertainty and keeps the ball.

  30. I wouldn’t say I’m a top player but have had a lot of practice to be fair! But it does bode well for the longevity of the game especially as I’ve got a pretty strong team.

    Transfers still seem a bit hit and miss. In my game Lionel Messi moved for £35m which is low but at least not as low as I’d feared. To counter that, I was offered £500k for Carlton Cole after a 20 goal season and he’s only 27. Strange.

    For corners I normally stand a big bloke on the penalty spot and work from there.

  31. Hey Not-Greg. Been lurking and reading your blog since a month after inception. Been hooked since day 1. 🙂

    Now the problem with the SB’s coming up and playing forward. I might of found a fix which simply involves changing the SB’s to CB’s. I play with Everton and they’re loaded with very good CB’s. I’ve noticed that once I switched them to center backs, they don’t advance forward at all. Hope this helps!

  32. Oops. Just read that this was already discussed! My bad. You are right though, it’s almost a lose lose situation because you either have SB’s going forward and messing up or else you have the CB’s playing defense exclusively unless you manually get them involved.

  33. SaltyChip—thanks for your comment, and the 4 CB solution is something I do need reminding about. But it’s always going to be a last resort for me as I don’t like the ‘gameyness’ of playing with 4 CBs. Something is very broken about the SB code in PES2011 and I want Konami to fix it really. If I have to I’d play with a back 3 (with wingbacks) before I’d try 4 CBs. I’ve never liked the idea. Bloody Konami. They’re cursed in the next-gen, I tell you…

  34. Hi Not Greg, my season is going terribly, I just cant pull anything together, loads and loads of nil nils and losing by the odd goal, just cant get any play together. Im not sure if its my settings but does anyone know how to get the defaults to press effectively, last year i got it setup so that i could close the space pretty well, but at the moment my guys are just sitting back and letting the opposition run through me like a knife thru butter. Anyway assistance with settings would be lovely. On a positive note, i think i can help when it comes to corner defending. Not Greg ive found that if you seleect one of your CB before the kick is taken (not as easy as it first seems) or a big lump like Schwarz and position them roughly on the penalty spot you should greatly reduce the amount of goals you concede from corners its quite accurate to normal football, I used to play CB and the amount of times the corner taker would just ping it on to my head every time it was unbelievable, its like they just cant help themselves. I hope thats useful, I stupidly released loads of my rubbish players at the beginning of my first season and now im just relying heavily on Schwarz, Shimizu and Ruskin!!! is Ordaz any great shakes in this version as he was amazing last year? Good luck with the rest of the season. oh and by the way your lot Coventry just stuffed me 4 nil i am not amused, some bloke called Jutkiewicz??? got a pair.

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