If the Capuano fits…

Friday’s arrival of my custom Capuano shirt (pictured right, fresh out of the box) came with a burdensome responsibility. Yes, I did mainly get it as a bit  of a jape, but it’s also a solid keepsake of my PES2010 year—which is now nearing the 250-hour mark. That kind of time investment is not a trivial matter.

The Capuano shirt’s future is either in the back of a drawer somewhere, or displayed in a frame on a wall. I’ll have to see how I feel. But first, I felt that I had to wear it at least once whilst playing the game.

So I played an entire session of PES2010 while wearing the shirt. It only felt odd and embarrassing at first. Once the initial strangeness was out of the way, it actually felt quite normal. And it is normal. Totally normal.

Capuano himself, funnily enough, hasn’t really shone since I started making a fuss of him on the blog. He’s continued to grow, acquiring another point of OVR rating (94 now). I now play him mostly in his original position of left-back, where he’s totally accomplished. I only risk him in his newly-trained position of AMF when my other options are unavailable. I want Capuano to be a full AMF in a few seasons’ time, but for now I need him in defence.

So, how’s my form in season 15 of this turned-out-epic-again career? Pretty good, really. I’ve got all my focus back. It’s worth remembering that I’m still pursuing not only my first Treble, but my first Cups of any description. I’ve ‘only’ got the 4 league titles to show for all 15 seasons so far. It’s not good enough.

Here’s the league table after 23 matches—it’s not looking good for me this season, I have to say:

There’s still a long way to go, and we all know how charitable Master League leagues can be, but I fear the worst. My patchy early-season form may have left me totally out of title contention this season. I’m slowly fighting my way back up the table, but I still run into those ‘impossible’ games where I’m strangled to death and feel lucky if I scrape a draw.

I think my best chances of honours this season are in the Cups. I’m still in the D1 Cup, where I face a tricky second leg in the quarter-final against Manchester City. It was 0-0 in the first leg at their ground. Things are poised for a heartbreaker at my place. I’ll try not to let it happen.

I’ve also just got through to the semis of the Champions League. My opponents there will be… Barcelona.

I was annoyed, and intrigued, by the draw for the second round of this competition. It saw me paired against French opposition for the 5th season in succession. Given that there are 15 other teams in the 2nd round draw, and only two of them are French, what are the cumulative odds for it to happen season after season like this? There must be something fishy going on.

I almost forgot to mention: the mid-season transfer window came and went. I’m still poor and I couldn’t afford any new players. Apart from one. I got him from the Youth team. His name? Ceciu.

Ceciu! He’s 20 now, after languishing down there for a few seasons, but he has still managed to reach a rating of 70 OVR. I couldn’t resist.

As for my other Regen Defaulter, Castolo… Oh dear. The Second Coming is not going well. I’ll update fully on that front next time.


  1. You’ll have to be careful there, if your league form doesn’t pick up, you may even miss the Champions League next season (unless you win it this time).

    How would a League, Cup and Europa League treble rate?

  2. Hey not-greg u must be very suprised that you are still in both cups this season considering your modest success in the cup competitions in recents seasons

  3. Liam—Indeed, I’m a long way off the top of the table, and a good way off the CL qualifying spots—but this is Master League, and if I put together a good enough winning run, I’ll move up no matter what happens. The ‘rubberband AI’ that governs the ML league placings works for the human player as well as (often) against him. Well, I’m a few matches ahead of the blog and I can report that the rubberband AI effect is in full swing. I’m on my way back up—still with a lot of work to do, but I know that it’s possible. Wednesday’s post will have full details. The game has always been this way. I don’t like it, but I might as well go along with it…

    As I mention in the post, I would love any Cup win. And a poor man’s Treble of League, Cup, Europa League would be brilliant. I want the real Treble though…

  4. ryan—Surprised and pleased. I’ve had some real battles in the Cup matches so far. I’ve gone into them with 100% focus and concentration, made sure not to be sloppy, and taken my chances. I haven’t so far had to rely on luck in either Cup run. I’m doing well, but if the game decides to trip me up, it will. I’ll just have to try to dodge the attempt, if/when it comes.

  5. Indeed, I’m a long way off the top of the table, and a good way off the CL qualifying spots—but this is Master League, and if I put together a good enough winning run, I’ll move up no matter what happens

    Be careful — that’s what Rafa Benitez has been saying!

    Fact: Capuano is the best defender in England. Fact.

    Fact: You should totally frame your shirt. Classy momentos are always a good thing. Fact.

  6. Not-Greg- Very nice shirt, much better than the official one IMO, more casual and somewhat more appropriate to PES, It’s like one of the kits you’d design in ML. That Barca squad is certainly intresting, what’s more intresting though is the way you’ve cut out half of the scoreline, all we know is Barca have not scored an away goal, advantage Coventry City? Have you cut the screenshot like that on purpose, I know that you like to leave little ‘easter eggs’ like that!

  7. ck—if poor old Rafa was steering a team through a real-life Master League, where all the teams above him obligingly dropped points as long as he could stitch a few wins together, he’d have no troubles. Wednesday’s post will show it in detail, but I’m feeling the ‘rubberband dividend’ in my ML at the moment, after being a ridiculous way behind… Still work to do, but the important thing is that yet again ML is behaving exactly as a real league shouldn’t.

    Capuano is the best defender in the world, at the moment, but after nearly a full season now of training up his shooting and dribbling skills, he’s still lacklustre in his newly trained AMF position. It’ll take another season or two, but there’s time. He’s still only 25.

  8. patrick222—that’s exactly right, the plain unadorned ‘t-shirty’ nature of my custom shirt is totally in keeping with the spirit of Master League. That’s why I was reluctant to get an official CCFC shirt with Capuano on it, as pictured in the first post where I mooted the idea. It would have felt wrong, somehow. Master League isn’t about realism. That’s never been its appeal for me, nor I suspect for most others who have played and loved it.

    That Barca squad will be in Wed’s post for anyone who can’t view it on Twitter. When I post screenshots or vids to Twitter it’s direct from my iPhone, where I have no real editing capacity. (Or no desire to edit, I should say. There’s a basic Photoshop app that I could use to crop photos before uploading them, but I’d never want to interrupt play even more than I already do. The Easter Eggs will continue, intentional and unintentional. So the inclusion of ‘BARCELONA 0’ wasn’t deliberate, but remember that it’s only one leg of the semi…

  9. Just watched your Scholes special – love it! It’s SO PES. I don’t think it’s makeable in FIFA. Perhaps it is, but I’m not good enough to pull it off.

  10. Grilled Seabass—confession time, I was trying to play a ground ball to Pires and my finger slipped on the stick, producing the floated corner that you see instead. The shot was instinctive, and when it went it… You can imagine!

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