It’s Istanbul, not Constantinople

I’m having a great time on PES2010, possibly a better time than I have any right to be having. It’s not been very well received by the wider PES community, it seems to me, but it’s my only football game at the moment. I played FIFA10 a lot when that game came out and I still admire it a great deal. I look forward to the day in the future when I pick it up and play it again. But I said all along that I could only ever play either PES2010 or FIFA10 in any period of time, not both. I’m sticking to that viewpoint.

I’m playing Master League, which is almost the only thing that I ever play on PES. In the second season of my career, I passed through the mid-season transfer period—that’s the TRANSFER period, not the negotiations period as it used to be. Negotiations can now take place all-year-round, with transfers themselves occurring within the traditional two windows. It’s a new system that still catches me out. I still forget that I can search for, scout, and place bids on players at any time I like.

I think it’ll take at least the whole of this PES year for the name-change to trickle down through the PES world and become embedded in consciousness. Even when we all accept it as real, we’ll still call it the negotiations window, I predict. In many ways it’s as radical a change as Marathon to Snickers, Opal Fruits to Starburst, Constantinople to Istanbul…

I was cautious about bringing in new players. While I’m struggling and have only got a little money, I’d risk setting myself up for a hard fall when it comes to paying the bills in the last week of August. You don’t get a GAME OVER any more when you exceed your budget in Master League. Instead, you have players randomly sold from under you, and/or your backroom staff downgraded a level or two. As I haven’t got any staff upgrades to be downgraded, my players would be in danger.

Still, it wouldn’t hurt to bring in a few players. I can always sell a few players if I have to. Selling players isn’t hard in PES2010. The CPU puts in plenty of offers just before Wages Day, giving ample opportunity to balance the books.

I picked up a decent-looking CB called LOLO (68 OVR) from the free agents pool. His name just makes me smile for some reason… I also got LORRONDO (70 OVR), a CF, also from the free agents list. And I took a bit of a risk on a proper transfer involving a fee of £300k for a talented-looking Turkish AMF/SS/CF named SERKAN CALIC (71 OVR).

The rest of the season passed by in a blur. I played all 17 matches in two long sessions. Things didn’t pick up. The new players didn’t really have an impact—they just allowed me to rest a few other players a bit more. Towards the end of the season I was tempted to sim a few matches, but in the end I simmed just one —my fixture against the sole remaining made-up Konami team, AC Nitsaloskis, which was simmed as a 2-0 win to them. Ah well. I don’t like doing it anyway, so I got what I deserved.

Here’s the final table for season 2:


Third from bottom. That’s utterly dismal for a season 2 performance. By this stage in my previous, aborted career, I’d hauled myself up to mid-table respectability.

I don’t know where to go from here. I find it so hard to create chances. My goals mainly come from headers or long-distance shots, and there’s precious few of them. I think I know what I’m missing: staff upgrades. I’ve got to focus on upgrading my coaches before I focus on getting any more new players. Season 3 has got to see me challenging for promotion. If it doesn’t, I’ll be forced to conclude there’s something wrong with how I’m playing PES2010.

Finally today, here’s a couple of novelty moments from recent matches:

Link: Novelty moments - PES2010


  1. One thing I did that I believe made some difference over time was tweak the training allocation. I redirected strikers’ training points away from defense and dribbling (I can’t dribble to save my life anyway), for example, to passing and shooting. For defenders, I put them on either zero or one for shooting, and placed the rest in defense, athletic ability and passing, in that order.

    I also found out that playing each player in their preferred position makes a BIG difference. I’m not even talking about fielding a player out of position, it’s just that most of them don’t perform that well in their second choice positions.

  2. Adriano—I’ve got some defenders on maximum defence training, some strikers on maximum attacking/shooting training, etc. etc. It is something I spent a good bit of time on at the start, and I have made sure to go in and edit the training schedule for all new players. I’ve not mentioned it in the blog posts as there hasn’t been time to look away (in the posts) from the core experience of ML and PES, the playing. The longer this career goes on the more crucial the off-pitch factors come to seem. I’ll be posting some snapshots of my key players’ training regimes next week.

  3. Just finished my first full season after starting in Division 2 with the defaults. Managed to win it without too much hassle, but i’d signed Malbranque, Catermole and Kerlon from the start and it made a big difference.

    Managed to sign Carlton Cole in the January Window and he went on to get the golden boot. So i’m pretty pleased with how things are going.

    One problem is that I signed D’Alessandro in the summer as my marquee signing, but he’s cost me around £7m!! I wasn’t really paying attention and just agreed. Think I should have just enough to cover it after selling a few players and adjusting the coaching levels. It’s certainly a new and interesting challenge though.

    Can’t wait to get started in the Premier League now.

    Also had a strange occurence that Castolo (now sold) and Stremer (who wouldn’t sign a new contract) had purple arrows for the whole of the second half of the season. Odd. Though I only had level 1 for club doctor. Not the end of the world though as Foque and Baumann came in and did well.

    Still liking the game, though it really opened up when I played a couple of 1 on 1’s and 2 on 2’s with friends recently.

  4. Also, how did you edit your team kit again? I can’t seem to find the option either in game or in the edit mode?


  5. Liam—the more I hear about everyone seemingly coasting to promotion in season 1, the more I cringe… Over the next week of posts I’ll be telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about my progress, no matter how it makes me look. Well done, though. *sobs*

    Re. editing kits, what team are you using? Just find the team in the main Edit mode from the Top Menu and edit the kits as normal. The change will appear in your ML. If you’re using PES United or WE United, they’re grouped with the Other Teams.

  6. not-Greg, I was coincidentally going to ask you to post a few snapshots of your whole squad, formation, stuff like that.

    Is there anything you’ve already upgraded in your staff? I found out that if you’re counting on your Youth Team to make any sizable difference, you need to upgrade it at least to level 2 or 3.

    If you have a chance, pick up Jonathan from the free agent group, if he’s available. Very cheap CF/SMF with a decent 69 OVR, easy to get and a good bang for the buck. A real team player.

    Come to think of it, if you play your cards right (meaning upgrading your scout to level 2-3 as soon as possible), you can build a very decent team with very little money, maybe around $2mi for a 22-player squad.

  7. I wouldn’t say I coasted it, but it wasn’t really in doubt. The key was sticking to a formation and having good attacking players. I only let in 10 goals all season (and 4 were after i’d won the title) so that was the basis of it.

    I knew i’d generally keep a clean sheet so as I had Malbranque, Cole and Kerlon as a front triangle, it was a lot easier. Saying that, i’m changing to my old trusty 4-2-1-3 for the next season as I signed too many attacking players!

  8. Celtic stroll on and collect the KONAMI Cup and now become World Club Champions as well as holding the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup titles in Season 2012/13.

    Youth Team player SCHARWZ scores a sublime 3rd goal against BOCA Juniors in the Konami Cup. He is starting to turn into a monster from outside the box. The goal

    I finally hold enough prestige to entice the “King of Kings” Henrik LARSSON (at the 6th attempt) and the legendary WE Utd CB SUTTO who are both ML youths.

  9. Adriano—today’s post is about my actions at the start of season 3. I upgraded the main coach to lvl 3 and all the others to 2, except Youth and Fanclub. I couldn’t afford them.

    Sometime next week there’s a natural part of the unfolding story of my ML career where a lot of pics of my training, formation, and some player stats would be useful, I think. That’ll be next Wednesday or Friday now.

  10. Liam—if it was never really in doubt (and you only conceded 6 goals when there was some doubt), it was a coast in my book 😉 I’m only contrasting yours and others’ experiences with my own struggles. Everything’s coast compared to them. 3 seasons in Division 2! THREE. At least I’m really showing that there was never any false modesty in my self-bestowed tag ‘average player’.

  11. heraldo—wonderful goal! My very favourite kind. It’s from a similar range to a long-ranger I scored with Pelaez (replay in today’s post, appearing soon). Did you already have the long-ranger trophy/achievement?

    I sold Schwarz. The offer that came in for him was just too good, and my need for cold hard cash was too great. I’m thinking I’ll buy him back in due course, if/when I finally get to that Promised Land of success.

  12. not-Greg

    Thanks. No, I hadn’t received the long-range trophy until this goal. Strangely these are not my favourite goals. I tend to only hit these shots through desperation when I can’t break teams down or as in this case I am up by a couple of goals.

    It’s only this season the 4th that SCHARWZ has shown anything, his overall is now at 76.

    I am at the opposite scale of selling players after much success, I know why Konami have set the ML up this way as it’s realistic that the big clubs have loads of money but here are my projected expected earnings at midpoint in season after wages and operating costs are paid £115,690,640 .

    I earn £1.2m with a home win, my wages have gone through the roof due to Clubs high rank. Example of increase of wages for 2 Free Transfers I bought at the end of season 1 (2009/10) HLOUSEK £303,800 to £3,335,000 and ATTOUKORA £170,000 to £2,021,360. Default striker GUTIERREZ is looking for wages from £172,000 to £992,000.

    My Staff Costs are £40m and Wages £25m, this balances out my high income.

  13. heraldo—those are insane figures… I thought I was living the high life with my £2m wages bill!

    Isn’t it shocking (but at the same time strangely reassuring, for me anyway) that I’m still in Division 2 in season 3? I think I’m the only one in the whole world who has failed to get out of D2 at the first attempt. It’s a notable anti-achievement in its own right.

    My Schwarz got a long-term injury (5 months), was pretty feeble for me out on the pitch, and an good offer of £900k came in… all in all, the balance was tipped and I cashed in now. That 900k is a vital staff upgrade and almost all of another one.

  14. You would have gotten a lot more for Scwarz if you could wait a bit more. I got a $2mi offer for him, and refused to sell (stupid me).

  15. Adriano—selling Schwarz for that figure at this time was a good thing for a number of reasons. I was in a spot of bother financially. The fee got me one precious staff upgrade (I’m coming to see them as more important than players at this stage of my ML), and I was able to bring in another, experienced striked for a relative pittance. Schwarz just wasn’t doing much for me at all, unlike his earlier incarnations when his quality was unquestionable even when he was a raw 17-year-old.

    In PES2010 so far, for me, for the seasons I had him (on this and my first career), Scwarz has been a shadow of that former quality. Occasionally he did good things, and he was a decent starting striker compared to the journeymen I was signing, but now that I need to jockey and scheme for staff upgrades, every player has his price. Even Oscar… (I’m saying nothing!)

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