PES2010: first impressions

This is not a review of PES2010. This is a post entirely about my first impressions of the full game after a total of about 4 hours’ play. Over the next week I’ll post about my daily impressions of the game. I’ll award PES2010 a daily score, and keep a running average. I did a similar thing with FIFA10—its first week’s average was 8.42/10. (Call it 84%.)

What will my PES2010 score be at the end of its maiden week? Lower, higher, about the same? Right now, I couldn’t say.

I was ecstatic after my first session on FIFA10. I’d characterise my mood after the first long session on PES2010 as contented and happy, a notch or two below ecstatic. What does that signal? This early in the year-long odyssey that is a football gamer’s routine, it signals nothing. Nothing at all. FIFA10 was fresh, startling, and intoxicating, hence the ecstasy. PES2010 is a heavy dose of the football gaming style I’ve known and loved for 10 years now, hence the ‘mere’ contented happiness.

PES2010 is definitely the best PES on PS3/360. I think I can say that with confidence at least. The same wonderful heaviness and inertia of the players and the ball—most importantly the ball—is carried over from the demo. There’s also the same pleasing weightiness about the overall pace. The game does have its more frantic periods, which I don’t recall being in the demo. They took me by surprise a few times. That’s inevitable with proper match times and lots of teams, I suppose, and probably necessary for variation’s sake. And after about 8 matches I found I could largely dictate the pace anyway.


I got the game yesterday, Wednesday, the earliest I’ve got a new PES since the year of PES4. After an all-too-brief session, I had to go out to work. That really hurt.

I only managed to play 3 matches in my traditional opening-day fixture list. I always start with England vs Scotland, the classic International match-up. I posted some brief impressions at the end of yesterday’s post.

This morning I was able to resume, and played about 9 matches. I played a few more England-Scotland games, then went straight into an International Tournament. I saved my progress there after the group games and started a Champions League tournament, playing as Fiorentina. I played only on Regular and Professional difficulties all morning. I’m not one of these straight-onto-Top-Player players. I like to keep the CPU at bay while I’m ‘moving in’ with a new game, so I have relative peace to learn its little ways.

It’s a passing game. PES was always a passing game, really, but the last two iterations took the series in another direction, encouraging fast, direct football. I think that’s still there in PES2010, but it’s far less effective. The relatively cumbersome response time system gets the thumbs-up from me (for now…) because it promotes the kind of passing game that brings out the best in PES. Receiving the ball, you have to make damn sure you’ve got it under control before looking for the next pass. I’ve already had dozens of instances where I’ve lost the ball in ways that a PES2008/9 player would regard as ‘broken’. I don’t see it that way. This is the new game, and it’s there to be learned.

On the negative side I have had several occasions where my passes were shooting off to the wrong players completely. However, I seem to have re-adapted my game to PES, and made the appropriate allowances. Misplaced passes are actually my fault for trying to make PES something it’s not (yet). It’s not FIFA, and doesn’t have FIFA’s superior (IMO) passing model. Sadly, it’s a hurdle many will find tough to get over.

That’s something else that’s striking about PES2010: it has a settling-in period, just like classic PES of old. Or at least it did for me, and for plenty of others. The forums are rife with the usual stories of people winning 9-0 in their first matches. And I remember that from years gone by too.

Every year we play the same mini-game: what member of the family does the new PES look like? Whose nose has it got? Whose chin? Whose vicious temper? It’s a game with no objective result, just opinion. I agree, for now, with those who’d slot PES2010 into the family tree alongside PES5 and PES6. The heaviness reminds me of 5, the overall handling of 6. I’m more strongly reminded of PES6 on the Xbox 360 than the PS2 version. (Probably due to my recent exposure to that game.)

The forums are going a bit wild at the moment. An ad hoc committee of PES veterans, fans, and Guardians of the One True Game are heralding the return of the king. I understand the sheer desire for that to be true, and currently I believe it is true to some extent. But it’s not what a football game feels like on Day 1 that determines its place in the pit or the pantheon. It’s what it feels like on day 100 that decides the issue.

End-of-session score (just for today, and emphatically NOT a final review score): 8.5/10

I’ll post again tomorrow. Here’s a short clip of a few goals from my first few hours with the game. The first is my very first full PES2010 goal, scored in Game 1 yesterday, and saved for posterity. (Doesn’t everyone do that?) There’s also a bullet from Beckham in there. (The shooting in PES2010 deserves a massive post all of its own. I love it.) My favourite goal of the four comes right at the end, a diving header after some nice one-touch build-up play. The cross was an L1+circle affair, a rare one for me. I’m usually a double-tap crosser.

Link: PES2010 - First goals


  1. Nice ‘first impressions’ notGreg. I’m still waiting for the news that release date has been broken, it’s not happening yet…

    Can anyone who hasn’t ordered online shed any light on this? Or am I the only mug in the country who thought I could rely on Gamestation doing me a favour for once. I’m starting to worry now that I’ll have to wait until tomorrow now…

  2. I’m so envious. Will pop out in a bit to see if any shops around here has broken the release. Not holding my breath, but it’s worth a shot.

    I’m encouraged by your initial, albeit tentative, impressions. It might be a good omen that it seems this year’s PES takes some time to adjust to. For me, that was one of the staples of the series at it’s best, the fact that you could play it day in, day out for a year and discover new things, or get to grips with different playing styles.

  3. We only have GAME or GAMESTATION around here, the smaller independants have soon packed up and have dust settling on their empty shells of shops…. and neither of those will sel before the release date.
    software houses and game publishing companies treat the street release date very seriously, and if retailers are found to break the release date then they are often penalised with reduced stock, fines or withdrawal of future stock altogether, a risk not worth taking for a few early sales. For those that doubt what Ive just said i acn only speak from first hand experience where a £1.4million fine was issued to the company I work for as a result of breaking the release date for the 3rd incarnation of a a very well known title released on Microsofts console not so long ago.

    You’ve waited all year for it, whats one more day going to matter?
    Personally I havent seen anything that makes me want to rush out and buy PES immediately and will probably wait until April time when FIFA has well n truly been hammered to death, then I’ll pick up PES and have a good 6 months of Master League playing. I simply dont have the time to pay FIFA, PES and Uncharted (and soon Modern Warfare 2) the attention they all deserve at the same time.

  4. What I don’t understand is how can all the online retailers get away with sending the game out early, most people that did order online got their copy of the game on Wednesday a full two days before the official release date. Why can’t shops match this and why are the internet companies exempt from these fines?

    Surely the shops must be losing a hell of a lot of business due to this. It’s no wonder the internet is killing off shops left right and centre. I wish now that I too had pre-ordered, I would n’t be the disgruntled being I am no if I had.

  5. Aaron—I sympathise, in your situation I’d have been climbing up the walls today. It was bad enough waiting an hour or so yesterday afternoon once I heard that other people’s orders were arriving. The day is almost done—did you get it anywhere?

  6. slutzinc—going back a few years, it was always the way that it’d take several sessions, maybe several days/weeks, before a PES game’s true nature would emerge. That’s what gave the series its longevity.

  7. Paul—if I had to guess, I’d guess that you’d be underwhelmed by PES2010. It does take time to get into, and can seem jarring after FIFA10. And as you say, with so many other great games to play, you’d only be diluting your attention. I still have to play Batman (about 10% in) and get Uncharted 2, which I was looking forward to all year. I cleared the decks for PES2010 thsi week, and so far it has been worth it.

  8. Aaron—the online retailers shipped early because of the Royal Mail strikes. The games publishers won’t penalise any of them, I’d bet. They always send out a day early anyway—two days was a bonus.

  9. because of the distance sellings act which protects online retailers and customers its harder to police games being shipped early from online retailers, plus they sent oput extra early to beat the postal strikes, which is a good thing!! no ones happy when they dont get their pre-orders by release day.

    Not-Greg Quite possibly I would be underwhelmed by PES, only because its got to the stage where little things like a pass going in the opposite direction from the way i push the stick and playing ‘Merseyside Red’ really jarr me.
    I LOVE PES!! always have, but just feel sprucing the graphics up and slowing the game down isnt enough of a revolution to force me to spend enough time on it as opposed to FIFA or Uncharted 2, which is one hell of a game, even better than the first and in the first 4 chapters has given me so many jaw dropping moments… you really do need to purchase that!
    I will continue to read with anticipation, your Master League adventures over the coming weeks and months though, and will eventually pick PES up for a go myself.

  10. Love the diving header goal! That’s something that just doesn’t seem to happen on FIFA (I should know, I’ve put in about 1000 crosses). Although it handles very differently, the goals you have scored seem very ‘PES’. Glad you’re enjoying it and so far not disappointed. I’m sticking with FIFA, but like Paul I’ll probably pick it up next year to play the Master League.

  11. Just got back from a quick pop outside. PES 2010 loading up as we speak. Tickets to Datarock also secured. I’m half expecting to get struck down by lightning tomorrow.

  12. Just got back from town , Gamestation had it out on display and the video playing but not for sale! Gutted to be honest, this coupled with the fact I had to pay £1.60 to park for about 10 minutes really peed me off, not a good day. Roll on tomorrow morning, alarm set for 8:30 so I can get in town for 9:00!

  13. Paul—indeed, if you got a stray passing incident (unavoidable in the early stages, and a regular thing all the time really), you’d find it a turn-off. There’s a barrier between many PES fans and PES nowadays, a barrier created by FIFA’s achievements, which are undeniable IMO.

    I fancy getting Uncharted 2 tomorrow, but when will I get to play it?! PES2010, FIFA10, Batman… And Fallout 3 and Assassin’s Creed amd Lost Odyssey still on the pile…

    Master League should start up middle of next week. I want to start it on Top Player and I’m nowhere near ready yet.

  14. Grilled Seabass—the header was a real blowing-kisses-at-the-walls moment. Yes it was a stereotypical PES move—eerily like PES6(360) on the replay. Which is not a bad thing. Remember my camera makes the footage of all these games look like much of a muchness. Everything people are saying about how gorgeous PSE2010 looks is really true. I’ve not mentioned the graphics yet because they’re not very important to most PES fans, including me. They are real pretty, though.

  15. slutzinc—and you should have bought a Lottery ticket on your way home…

  16. Aaron—gutted for you, as I know exactly how I’d feel in the same boat. The best thing you can do is distract yourself with a good film, book, or game. (Or what about a midnight opening somewhere tonight?!)

  17. Motherf******s. Tried 3 shops and no joy. Now back at work. Surely a few hours won’t hurt them?

  18. I find it too easy. I’m going through CL with Arsenal. I set up the groups as true to life as possible. Secured top spot in my group after four games, 18-1 in goal difference. Just beat Standard Liege 8-0 away. Granted, it’s Standard Liege, but still. I’d have thought regular to be a bit more challenging. Apart from that, I’m loving it! Watching replays gives me the chills — some of the player likenesses are just uncanny!

  19. Liam—unlucky, what is going on these days with shops turning away good money? The publishers must have them more scared of them than they are of losing customers. Ah well, looks like it’s a rollover. At least tomorrow your anticipation will be finely tuned.

  20. slutzinc—I’m following all these reports of a too-easy Top Player with a LOT of worry. It’s a common theme on the forums at the moment, and a few people I know have said it directly to me, independently. It was always a familiar theme in years gone by, there were always a few people who said it was too easy for them, but never this widespread. It’s a BIG concern and if it turns out to be true I’ll soon know, because even I will start knocking in hatfuls of goals. One of the reasons I ended up loathing next-gen PES2008 was its low difficulty. If history repeats itself with PES2010 I just can’t see the big recovery for the series getting much further off the ground.

    Still, all I can do is go on playing the game as I find it, where I’m still finding it a challenge on Professional.

  21. Re: The difficulty- I think most people talking about a lack of the difficulty are: a)very good PES players, and/or b) doing a routine of moving up the difficulty levels and finding the lower ones too easy. I remember PES 5 to start with had terrible worries about difficulty and look how that turned out! My Goodness, My Guinness, this post stinks of fanboyism! 😀

  22. My own post that is, not your one! 😀

  23. patrick222—understood, don’t worry (I’ve actually been trying to cultivate a little fanboyism in myself anyway).

    If you look through the 1st impressions thread on PESfan, quite a few people come out with the ‘too easy’ thing. I’ve had two people in real-life say it to me. I’m just a worrier when it comes to PES. I want PES2010 to be a great game—I’d settle for PES6(360) kind of great, I’m not after a miraculously fantastic game (although that’d be nice too).

  24. I’m cautiously optomistic that PES will give me footy game fun when i’m done with FIFA. Sorry to talk EA on a dedicated PES thread but i downloaded the new improved update for Manager Mode last night and changed the ball to the orange coloured one as tipped on the forum to decrease rainy days… so far i have had 3 sunny day games and my players on the bench are all still in reasonable form… can FIFA stall my purchase of PES with their inadequate fix of Manager Mode… the battle in my head rages… gah

  25. Just had a quick look on the lalalaing EA forums and there’s already rumblings of contentment regarding PES on a couple of ‘grown up’ threads… impressive

  26. Chris – Which ball am I supposed to use to decrease the frequency of rainy games? I haven’t heard about this.
    I’m now in the Championship after two successive promotions and have switched up to legendary, but am really starting to get sick of the rainy weather. Legendary difficulty requires absolute concentration and with the pouring rain too, every game feels like an epic battle against the elements – it’s too intense.

  27. seabass – i changed to the orange ball (the one traditionally used in the snow) before I started a new patched Manager Mode. of course, there are other variables i have yet to test i.e. i started this game with the Wellington phoenix in a stadium i’ve not played in before so i’m not 100% whether it’s a handy offshoot of the patch, the stadium or the ball change.
    however, if you’re still having problems another thread has begum which states that (and this is a faff but worth it if all else fails) if you go to the match screen in MM which shows you the stadium and weather you’re about to play in and then go right back out to the main menu, select any old exhibition match and change the weather to sunny… go back to manager mode and it should have stopped the rain for your next match. Kind of like last years workaround in reverse and with the added fiddle of having to go into your manager mode first. he ho, needs must when the devil vomits in your kettle. Hope this helps as the constant rain is just a game wrecker for me.

  28. Sorry to pepper this PES thread with EA rubbish but I thought you might like this not-greg…
    a link to a review that actually mentions the bugs in Manager Mode… this has to be a first for any mainstream games review – a recognition beyond the normal regurgitation of the back of the box blurb of a single player mode in a footy game.
    I’m wondering whether a handy offshoot of EA’s epic failure will be that the mainstream games media have had their fingers burnt and will look more closely at such career modes in the future when they write up their reviews. We can but hope because it would certainly force EA to up their game in this respect! From the sounds of it, Konami don’t need any rockets in this area – can’t wait for you to start a Master League and report back.

  29. [edit by not-Greg @ 10:50, 23 Oct 2009: Hi Simon McDermott (or is it Luca or Alberto?) – Your comment was originally posted on PESfan & WENB sometime last night, and it was copy-pasted here. I’ve not been able to find the original to link to, as the PESfan mods have shunted it around (or deleted it?). I haven’t got time to look further now. I usually just delete copy-and-paste jobs that find their way here from the forums, but I think you’re probably the original author. Even if you’re not, I don’t think ‘simon000’ will mind his PES2010 view being a bit more widely disseminated.]

    Ok my thoughts on PES2010 – Well having just spent the last three hours playing PES2010 I have to say that it is without any shadow of a doubt the worst football game I have ever played.

    This is normally the part where I would write reams and reams about what I think is wrong with the game and how I believe it can be fixed, but to be quite honest it was that bad that it stunned me into silence.

    In my first game a big black line popped out of Ji Sung Parks head and protruded into the edge of the screen, leaving a black line running across the length of the pitch, which ended at Mr Parks head.

    This was clearly a graphical glitch, which could maybe be excused had it only happened once, but it happened on two occasions in the space of three hours. I have video evidence of this so I will post the link to the vid once I have posted it onto Youtube.

    In the short space of time I spent playing PES2010 this is what I noticed.

    Goalkeepers are worse than ever – maybe even worse than 2008 – They fumble near post shots into the back of the net as if it was part of their training. Keepers continually get lost as if they are an amnesiac patient having just regained consciousness and wondering: “where the f**K am I.”

    For anyone who remembers the early 90’s hit TV show Quantum Leap, the goalkeepers seem to react like they have just had Sam Beckett materialise into their bodies.

    Sam: “where am I Al?”

    Al: “Ziggy says that you are in the body of Peter Czech a goalkeeper for Chelsea in the early 21st century.”

    Sam: “What the hell is a goalkeeper … wait there are a group of guys running at me, what should I do?”

    Al: “I’m not sure Sam, do they look dangerous?”

    Sam: “one of them has a ball and he appears to be kicking it.”

    Al: “Careful Sam it might be a bomb, you better get out of the way as fast as you can.”

    Sam: “OK Al, here goes … phew I missed it by a long way; I jumped in the opposite direction – that was close.”

    A few people on this site have criticised people ironically for criticising keepers; there argument being: “what do you want, super keepers?”

    My reply to this, as it would be when dealing with anybody who appears to have the intellect of a retarded goldfish with a cucumber shoved up its bottom is: “no I don’t want super keepers, just normal ones, that save shots, is it too much to ask.

    Other faults with the game are too numerous to mention in any detail, at this time, so I will just list them.

    Passing: Stiff, rigid, unnatural (lacks any kind of flow), unresponsive, unrealistic, on the whole dire.

    Shooting: a sincere lack of shot variation, but with keepers being as awful as they are none is really needed. Shots lack feeling, are floaty and do not feel good when they finally bundle their way into the back of the net – normally with the help of the opposing teams saboteur, the goalkeeper.

    Animations: Don’t match the situation, ugly, arcade looking; player likeness is good, but overall they look very dated, clumsy and odd.

    Sound effects: The crowd chants are a lot better this year, the ‘you are gay’ chant seems to have gone although players still shout: “Fire in the hole,” Perhaps they are all US Marine Core rejects.

    Weather conditions: Rain is there, dry sunny is there, snow … clearly the PS3 lacks the power of the PS2 and as such cannot handle snow – Oh, am I being facetious.

    Players’ positional play: Ridiculous, I have seen under 7’s kiddie players with a better understanding and spatial awareness than this bunch of clowns. Player’s clump together in a coagulated mess; in fact I think that a group of recently decapitated chickens may be able to do a better job.

    Response times: Press the button … loading please wait … player runs off side … ball is passed.

    To be fair this problem is far worse online than it is off; in some games it is so bad that the game becomes unplayable.

    Online: Hats off to Konami, it is not at all jerky and runs very smoothly, however, when the response times – that are on occasions up to 2 or 3 seconds delayed – are as bad as they are it becomes as unplayable as it would if the players were teleporting and jumping all other the place.

    Penalties: Don’t get me started.

    Menus: Last gen was my first impressions. It’s all very old and uninspiring and like the rest of the game – boring!

    And that neatly leads me onto my summary. Tedious is one word I would use to describe Pes2010, another would be old, tired and lethargic; actually any monotonous describing word would do.

    The feeling has gone; the soul has dissipated, leaving a hollow empty shell where Pes once was. This game plays like PES6 on Ritalin, in other words, nothing like it!

    If you’re after a game with all the personality of a Wayne Rooney Sky Sports interview then this game will be right up your alley. If, on the other hand, you want a fun, realistic and exuberating football gaming experience, don’t hold your breath, you’ll be a long time waiting.

  30. Simon_McDermott says:
    “it is without any shadow of a doubt the worst football game I have ever played.”

    Sounds like you haven’t played many football games before. ISS when it split from Pro Evo was the worst football game of all time.

    As much as I loved Sensible Soccer and Italia 90 at the time, there’s no way that they’re better than PES2010.

  31. I just read something on the PES forums that doesn’t sound good. Apparently you can only buy a player in ML that has a club team. You can’t sign players that are in a team that’s not part of your league set up.

    Can anyone confirm or deny this?

  32. Chris—there’re no restriction at all on PES- or FIFA-specific-only comments on any post, comment about anything, PES, FIFA, Football Manager, Sensible Soccer, any other games, it’s all up for grabs.

    Thanks for the intel about the ball and the new trick to get the dry matches. I saw that posted on the lalalaing EA forums too, haven’t had a chance to try it yet as I’m still on PES2010. In FIFA10, as I mentioned briefly a few weeks ago, I’ve always used a yellow hi-vis ball. Is that one of the ‘trick’ balls? I don’t think it can be, as it’s pissed down in seven out of ten matches through all my MM career so far…

    Best thing I can say about PES2010 right now is… wait for the consensus to emerge, which takes a few weeks. Not a few hours, or even days: weeks. That was always the way in years gone by, and it’ll be the same this year.

  33. Grilled Seabass—the most awful thing for me about the constant rain is that the rainy conditions become the new norm, and when you do get a rare dry match you end up having to adjust your game to what should be the normal conditions. Of all the things they didn’t fix in the new patch, I think this is one of the most disgraceful. Just as disgraceful as it being in the game in the first place.

  34. Chris—oh, yes, the rest-of-the-world reviewers will have seen the backlash, and they will report on the bugs, and they will mark FIFA10 down. Will the next round of reviews take the game below Peter Moore’s coveted 90% Metacritic score? In a way it’d be a shame, as the core gameplay is easily a 90% game IMO, but with all of those serious bugs embedded in its principal offline mode, FIFA10 deserves to get some stick.

  35. Simon_McDermott/Luca/Alberto—assuming you’re the original poster of this cut-and-pasted comment from PESfan & WENB…. you played the game for three hours? If you’re a PES fan of old, and I think you must be, you should know that three hours is no time at all in a PES game’s life. Credit to you for referencing Quantum Leap among other things in an entertaining post, though.

    Penalties: did you even try to learn them?

    “The feeling has gone”?—that’s a slogan of the past two years, not something sensible to say about a game whose official release date is today, with respect. I’d suggest that if feeling has gone for you, that can’t be a direct function of PES2010 in my opinion, but the abrading effect of the passage of time, the arrival of next-gen FIFA, the slapdashery of PES2008 and the make-do-ism of PES2009… lots of things.

    I still think PES2010 is a good game, potentially a very good game, and I think you’re too quick to dismiss it (just as plenty are too quick to embrace it and declare the end of history, etc.). There’s an overt dimension of identity politics in PES fandom nowadays, with shifting ideological currents and spasm wars and factional disputes and all the rest of it. Often out there on the forums it’s more important to be a player in that war than to play PES. At times over the past two years it’s definitely been more interesting to talk about why we’re not playing PES than to play it, granted. But for me it’s way too early in the life-cycle of PES2010 to dismiss it.

  36. Liam—I think even the original poster of Simon_McDermott’s comment on PESfan would acknowledge a bit of hyperbole with that line.

    The worst football game I have ever played? No, not PES2008 (don’t worry). Probably one of the early-2000s FIFAs, FIFA2002, something like that. Or a game I picked up for the MegaDrive from a bargain bin in 1999ish. It was a really stupid fantasy-style football game where some players had a special ‘flying’ ability (really) and the ball would actually catch on fire if you hit it hard enough.

  37. Not Given—I’ve read a few unsettling things about the all-new ML. My disturbing possible news is that you can no longer directly control transfers—you identify the player and your Scout literally does everything else. You don’t get to specify either the fee or the wages. The Scout delivers the player within your budget and you’ve just got to live with it. That can’t be true, can it? It’d better not be. I don’t know yet, it’ll be a few days before I jump in. I’m having a good time with Champs League & International Cup, and still learning the new game. There’s a few typical PES moves that don’t really work any more, but I keep trying to use them out of habit.

  38. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m playing in the A-League in my new Manager Mode or my new orange ball selection but I have only had one rainy game out of 17 games – most of them have been sunny and daytime. After last year I never thought I’d say this but I was chuffed to mint balls.. that was until I realised that EA STILL haven’t introduced the playoffs for that particular competition making the whole thing stupefyingly boring. I shall have to accept the first job offer that comes along at the end of the season and get the smeg out of New Zealand before I fall asleep. Also, I’ve had to spend my whole transfer budget with Wellington on upgrading the fitness coach otherwise my players would have all collapsed after 4 games – something else that is still completely out of whack. Got to say though, the gameplay is still superb and has a fair few off the sofa moments.

  39. I’m still holding out on my purchase, although the money has now started to talk to me “go on buy it you can always return it” it says! But I like what you are saying and some of what I read on the forums. I have reluctantly gone back to Fifa for my football fix but now spend most of my time in the arena with everything on manual playing practice matches, 9like TV the sun always shines in the arena!!) During the odd match in virtual pro that I do play it is more as a spectator waiting for the moment where my full back fails to cover their player and so stands transfixed in a semi-squat as he runs past him to deliver the cross which their center forward nods past my disintrested keeper who apprently was too engrossed in his copy of private eye to realise that catching the ball might help the team, ho hum that said fully manual shows what the game could/ should be if the AI was up to speed. I remember the claim in FIFA 2009 that the AI made a ridiculous number of decisions really quickly when the oppostion was attacking seems to me it goes somthing like
    they are attacking
    move away
    move towards
    put your arm out
    appeal for offside
    Tackle oh too late they have scored

  40. Yeppers Greg the post was a bit OTT but still the Quantum Leap stuff was funny 🙂 OK PES2008 is worse but still all the “The King is Back” talk is just total rubbish! PES are still providing us with a PS2 game well into the next-gen life-cycle.

  41. Chris—Maybe it’s significant that I’ve missed FIFA10 over the past few days. Some would say that a true PES fan wouldn’t miss the ‘other game’ but this is 2009, not 1999, and FIFA10’s a great game. Happily, PES2010 is keeping me happy enough to play it. Looking forward to getting back to that FIFA10 gameplay though. When? If I start an ML and get caught up by it (it’ll happen) that could be a while.

  42. nOir_deuX—if you’re at all unsure, my advice is keep your money in your pocket and wait for the consensus to emerge after a week or two. It’s too early right now. Opinions are too sharply divided. I think PES2010 is the PES I’ve been waiting to play for a few years on PS3/360, but I’m not totally sure yet. I think it’s going to take the full week’s play—at least—just like in the old days, before I know.

    I haven’t looked at the PES forums since this morning. I almost shudder to think what I’ll find there.

  43. Alberto—ah, Dr Sam Beckett and his putting right of things that once went wrong. That show used to make me cringe back in the day (so sentimental!), but I still watched it. Nowadays it wouldn’t even detain me for one episode. Things were much simpler back in 1990 or whenever it was.

    The jury’s definitely still out on PES2010. At the moment I really like it and think it’s a great game but I’ve been here before and I’m cautious. It’s way too premature for the PESverse as a whole either to exult in it or condemn it IMO. Let’s give it a few weeks and see what we all think then.

    In the meantime, the greatest sign of changing times is that many long-term PES players, instead of persevering with a new PES game as is traditional, are simply abandoning it and drifting off to other things—to FIFA, to other games, to other older PES games.

  44. To be honest Not-Greg, I am waiting on you because I trust you because you are a fanboy (like myself) not of Pes or FIFA, but of games you are happy to enter into the conciet that this is your team it is your experience and it is up to you to take the tools provided (if they work) and craft your enjoyment. I am in no real hurry (save for my talking money) I dont even need you to like it all I really need to know is if the tools work and if you will be playing it for more than the initial “its arrived ” period I understand this will take time but your analysis is always spot on so take your time and do it right. Shouting at FIFA is keeping me somewhat entertained at the moment and my 3 yerar old loves kicking the ball around in the areana (he’s even unlocked so accomplishments!) so that should keep me amused for a while.

  45. nOir_deuX—I should start my ML tomorrow or Monday, and report back on it Wednesday. You’re quite right about what my principal attraction to football games has mostly always been. Pre-Master League, I thought ISS was a great game that I amused myself with a lot playing tournaments. After Master League came along, it escalated and became a way of life, almost an identity.

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