The best two quid I’ve ever spent?

So: I lost my PS3 to the Yellow Light of Death. The latest on the repair is that Console Doctor have received it. I got a nice text message telling me so. All I can do now is wait.

Almost the last thing I did on my PS3 before it met its (hopefully temporary) End was to play Pro Evolution Soccer 3 with great enjoyment. I made concrete plans—this is true—to start a Master League career on PES3 and play it until October. It would have been interesting (to me at least) to see how far I would have got, and what I saw and felt along the way. That won’t happen now, post-YLOD. Even if I get my PS3 back next week in full working order again and it remains totally reliable, the PES3 moment is gone. But there’s a reason for that.


In an idle moment I suddenly found myself thinking about one old PES game that I never played. I’m talking about the Xbox360 version of PES6. At the time of its release, I was unemployed and penniless. I didn’t have an Xbox360 and the very idea that I would ever own one was laughable. When I eventually got a job and splashed out on a next-gen console, it was the PS3. By the time I went really large and got a 360 too, we were into the supposedly next-gen era of PES gaming. So the 360 version of PES6 really fell into a blind spot in my gaming life.

But now it’s very much in the spotlight. I’d seen the Xbox360 PES6 sitting on game store shelves for £2—two pounds!—over the past few months. On Monday I went into town and bought a copy. Not much of a financial risk, really. I got it home, installed it to the hard drive, and started it up, not really knowing what to expect.

I know that I have a way of hailing every new thing as the best thing ever, before ultimately pulling it apart a few days, weeks, or months down the line. I know. But that’s just the nature of a blogging approach to football games, rather than the journalistic one. It really cannot be helped.

I can only describe what I experienced in that first play-session—I can’t really anticipate future negatives and restrain myself. I love PES6 on the Xbox360. It’s bloody brilliant!

It isn’t quite a next-gen game, but it’s not a last-gen game either. It’s only vaguely like the PS2 version. It’s slow-paced, in the great way that I think every football game should be from now on. The graphics are impressive but not great. It looks like what it was: an early football game on a still-new console.

I played my usual routine: a handful of Exhibitions, then an International Tournament. I took a few beatings, scored a few good goals (nothing worth posting), and overall just loved the whole PES experience. For the first few matches all I could think was how great it felt, and: “PES2008! What happened?”.

It’s got glaring faults. There’s some penalty box slowdown that’s rather PSP-like, but bearable for now. And you can’t save replays—but I’ve got my digital camera for that. I’m sure many other things will come to light as time goes on.

‘As time goes on’…? What does that mean, exactly?

It means MASTER LEAGUE. I think I’ll play a few more International Tournaments before jumping in. I’m not quite acclimatised just yet. But Friday’s post should be all about the setting up of my new ML career here on the Xbox360 version of PES6.

Updated: 5th August 2009 — 10:36


  1. I bought this version as well, instead of the ps2 PES6, i think it was the first pes in widescreen pitch which is why i bought it. I got use to the analogue control this way also.

    I think some of the game modes were limited, but i played the game solid for a year – really enjoyed it.

  2. Makershaker—if the rumor about 360-degree dribbling in PES2010 is true (it’s by no means certain—no one’s talking about it on PESfan, for example), everyone will have to play with the analogue sticks. I switched to the sticks years ago, on the PS1, but there are plenty who still play with the d-pad.

    PES6 on the 360 doesn’t feel like PES6 on the PS2. They are different games. I’d have to wait until I get my PS3 back to make sure, of course, but I don’t remember the PS2 version playing as slowly as the 360 version.

    The widescreen ‘Wide’ camera is brilliant too. Hoping for the same kind of view in PES2010.

  3. Good post not-greg – i’m looking forward to the old fashioned Master League stories that got me hooked on the site. Schwarz?

    The signs are encouraging for PES2010. I’ve been reading all of the usual sites and i’m getting pretty excited about it. Even if it’s 16 way movement, it’s still a step in the right direction. Though i’m not sure how i’ll get by with the analogue stick – it’s just not natural to me! I’ve been d-pad since Italia 90 on the mega drive and that will take some changing! Maybe i’ll put that €5copy of FIFA 2008 back in the PS……games console to get used to it.

    The best addition i’d like is online Master League so I can play with my mates like at uni. It’s not as easy when we’re all get married and living in different countries!

  4. Liam—it’s okay, you can mention the PS3… All being well I’ll have it back by this time next week. I wasn’t mid-game in anything on it in particular, but I do miss it.

    I think you’d eventually adapt to the analogue stick and wonder why you waited so long. At the moment, though, I’d hold off on getting your practice in (unless you want to), as the 360 dribbling is by no means certain. The excitement is infectious and I want it to be true so badly, but I’ll only let myself really believe it and anticipate it after it’s officially confirmed. For me, the lack of discussion about it on sites other than WENB and EvoWeb is a little worrying.

    The ML story mode for the blog is definitely back on and should see me through nicely to FIFA10 & PES2010 now (FIFA10 is, incredibly, just 8 weeks away). I won’t be operating any House Rules, so I can get any player I like. I might avoid getting the obvious ones though.

  5. Hey not-Greg,
    Don’t forget that Pesfan is akin to the official Konami website. If Konami’s not annoucning it yet, nobody can talk about it over there. On the other hand, WENB are allowing the talk because Adam gave hints on his blog, and there’s no “leak” yet.

    But it does make sense. We all know Seabass has been trying to incorporate 360 degree movement into the game since 2007 for the 2008 game.

  6. TareX—there’s still nothing in the PESfan forums though. Even when mods are on the prowl and looking to interdict certain kinds of posts, you still see the odd one, and there’s always a resulting discussion about why no comment is allowed, etc. It’s very strange either way that there’s no mention of it, whether this news is true or not. Like I say I’m sure WENB would have moved to quell speculation by now if it wasn’t true. Until we do know for sure, though, it could all just be something that’s got out of hand on WENB’s forums.

  7. Supposed details regarding the new Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 title have been leaked from a recent playtest in Europe.


    Brand new motion captured animation sets for all areas such as running, passing, shooting, tackling, goalkeeping etc. Even the ball and nets have been motion captured to enhance the realism of the new title.

    Player movement is one of the biggest fundamental changes the gameplay formula this year. PES 2010 now incorporates 360 degree movement for the players allowing greater control than ever before. 360 degree movement had been tested before, but due to time constraints, a smaller development team and the previous animation set it was very hard to incorporate.

    Off the ball movement is much better now. Players make better off the ball runs into open space when attacking, and backtrack into key defensive zone positions. All of this can be initiated by a push of the button. Similar to the Wii in this respect. Can also be done during set pieces.

    Substitutes on the bench now actually look like your selected substitutes. No longer randomly generated characters. Also have a nice warm up animation on the sideline before coming on.

    Invisible wall for throw-ins has now gone.

    Manual passing now has an option to be used on the X/A button instead of the right analog stick.

    Due to the game incorporating 360 degree control the analog stick will be the only option of player movement. The new advanced on-the-fly tactics system will now be done on the d-pad. One of the biggest changes to the game ever.

    Game speed is slower and more realistic.


    Graphics have been completely redone. Lighting is fantastic both during daytime, dusk and night. Kits show the different styles of fabric. Grass is better looking. Stadiums offer far more detail and the crowd now move far more and are extremely vocal.

    Sweat can be seen on players as the match progresses. In rain matches kits get wet and dirty.

    Easily the best looking PES ever.

    Master League:

    Now incorporates both the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League fully.

    As a result divisions are now country by country and have a better structure. Would not have made sense to have pan-European leagues as its the same as the cups then.

    Real currency is now used.

    Transfer system has been improved as well as other areas however it was not seen due to the build being only 55% complete.

    It is unknown if the UEFA Super Cup is in or not.

    Edit Mode:

    Not much is known. More slots for new teams, jpeg photos for kits and chant files. Boot editor is back.


    Online has been worked on extensively. Using PES 6 system as its foundation and built upon greatly.

    New lobby system.

    No Konami ID login.

    Better matchmaking, and easier to play with friends.

    2v2 is in. Playing with more than 2v2 is highlighted. Possibility for 10v10 perhaps. Will be revealed by Konami later.

    PES Shop is back along with classic teams, players and World XI and Europe XI.

    Other game modes to be discussed later. BAL and Legends mode has been worked on. Will be show in the near future.

    More stadiums than ever before. Anfield is now licensed.

    More licensed teams and leagues than before incorporating more South American, Asian and African teams also.

    No more sandbags on goals and new goalkeeper gloves.

  8. If all that is true, then pes2010 could well be great. Wow!

  9. pes2010 is sure shaping up to be something special, IF all of the speculation is true. we’ll just wait and see.

    on a side note, i gave fifa09 another go for a couple of weeks recently. i just can NOT get used to the style of play. even after ‘not-pessing’ it, so to speak.
    it just feels so hollow and…dull. even when i score a goal; nothing!
    i felt the same past november and i still do after having given it a chance again. if fifa10 is anything like its predecessor, i think the choice is going to be easy for me…exciting times ahead!

  10. #1, you having been playing the PC version, have you? Because that’s a different game from the old-gen age, from a totally different team in EA…

  11. Oh no. Analog stick only! Why seabass…curse you!

    Other than that it sounds great! Cheers for posting that.

  12. TareX—might be silly but I think I’ll get all emotional if that list turns out to be true. It’d be as if the naive unquestioning faith we all had in 2007 (that next-gen PES was going to be amazing) has finally been fulfilled—and the beauty is that we never expected it to be, not now, not really. IF it’s all true…

    The latest news is that the confirmation (or denial) statement will come either tomorrow, or at Gamescom in a few weeks.

    I’ll still be browsing all the usual places all evening just in case!

  13. #1—a PES2010 like the list TareX posted above will be a total game-changer for football games in this generation. EA will be reeling! I really thought the ‘best football simulation game’ war was over, that FIFA had won it, like it or not, and the only thing left to hope for from PES was something vaguely decent. Now… Now that could all be about to change. IF it’s true…

    We can only wait.

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