Cry free-kickdom

FIFA09 and free kicks. There, I’ve said it. FIFA09. Free kicks. What gives?

I haven’t had the best of times with free kicks in this game. I’ve yet to score direct from a free kick, even in my early days of playing on Semi-Pro with all the control assists turned on.

Last year on FIFA08 I had a pretty good record with free kicks. I scored roughly one in three from the prime danger area around the box. I’d make the keeper pull off a save with most of the other attempts. Free kicks were pretty easy in FIFA08, but that was a different game that I always played with the shooting assists turned on. Maybe I’d find similar success in FIFA09 if I turned the assists back on here? I won’t, though. I want to plough on with semi-assisted shooting, and see where it takes me.

But, yes, the point of today’s post is that I’ve finally scored from a free kick. Albeit from a layoff—knocking the ball to one side for a loitering third player to have a shot. Here it is—my young defensive midfielder Isaac Osbourne supplies the tidy finish:

It’s not the best viewing angle. The ball could do with being a bit more visible. I know that there are a few video streaming websites with better quality than YouTube. But this does its job, I think. It shows me scoring a goal with a fine strike—if I may say so myself—from a layoff from a free kick. (Before anyone asks me how the layoff is done: pull LT/L2 to summon the second player. Then hold LT/L2 whilst pointing to either side with the left stick, and press A/X to perform the layoff. The player who will take the shot is automatically in position and doesn’t need to be summoned beforehand.)

I’d estimate that this was my 100th attempt to score a goal from a free kick layoff. This was my first successful attempt. Most of the others went badly wide or thudded straight into the keepers’ midriffs. A high enough percentage of them went just wide, or hit the post/bar, or were tipped aside by a spectacular keeper dive for me to want to keep trying to score. Finally I get my reward.

The goal won me the match, incidentally. It improved my standing with the board, but I’m still 19th in the table and only a couple of defeats away from another crisis.


  1. great strike. Was that just a normal shot, or did you use finesse?

  2. Brilliant mates! I like how the lay-off was disguised :D. However, the nets look and feel horrible. Is that your feeling about them too?

  3. Well hello again not-Greg, I am back!!!

    Playing 3 months catch up in all things.

    After playing 450+games on FIFA I will say what a cracking goal from the free kick. I have never tried that approach, after seeing that goal I will be trying for myself in my Leeds Utd Manager Mode, cracker.

    I have restarted a new MM career with Leeds after downloading the recent transfer update and also winning everything in my 9 seasons with Celtic, Valencia and Portsmouth.

    I wanted to try a lower league side and I have set up house rules (due to the CRAZILY high EXP points earned and SILLY sponsorship money revenue. Roll on revamped MM in 2010?). I will be keeping my current sponsorship £250k for career (eliminating big money signings) and no staff upgrades to each of the positions (default is at 3). I will see how it all pans out.

    I am still playing PES (yes it’s true) I really like it. I have amassed 305 games and last season went (I think) for the first time undefeated on Top Player in the league in Div 1. I have been undefeated in the 2nd Div a couple of times but don’t recall being undefeated in Div 1.

    Here is a link to Grainger Games which is selling NHL 09 for the PS3 at £22

    Take care

  4. abbeyhill – it was a normal shot. I find there’s not enough time to tee up a finesse shot.

    steph_wheeler – the nets on next-gen FIFA have always felt wrong to me. The nets themselves are like steel cages, and they just aren’t wide enough.

    heraldo – welcome back, and good to hear you’re still playing and enjoying both games. A longer reply will have to wait until tomorrow now, but thanks for that link. (I’m having work done at my place, is the long and the short of it. I might even have to park the blog for a week.)

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