Game 1 of season 2016 pitched me against a team that PES2009 calls INTER. I assume that this is a side-effect of Konami’s peculiar licensing arrangements, and that they didn’t call Inter Milan INTER for chummy reasons. If they did, then we can soon expect Manchester United to appear in the game as UNITED. Tottenham Hotspur as SPURS. Et cetera.

Licensing doesn’t matter to me, really, but I know that it matters to some—perhaps to most. The only impact it has on me is extending the meagre time that I have to spend in Edit mode every year, changing the proper names. I’ll have to pop in and turn INTER into INTER MILAN before too long.

Not now though. Now, I have a game to play. As yesterday’s screenshot of my PES2009 Track Record showed, I prefer playing the game to almost any other activity. 18 minutes in Edit mode as opposed to 85 hours in Master League will attest to that.

As ever I wanted to start this season with a bang. Get off to a flyer. Record a win, and have at least the temporary morale-boost of seeing myself at or near the top of the league after one match. It’s how it’s been over the past few seasons.

Not this season. I drew 0-0 with INTER. Now, there are nil-nil draws and there are nil-nil draws. This was a nil-nil draw. By that I mean it was  pretty turgid affair with few clear-cut chances for either side.

I could and should have taken one of my chances. I was clean though with Giggs. It’s quite rare for me in PES2009 so far to have a one-on-one. So I wasn’t quite sure what to do. The old trusty method of feathering the shoot button whilst aiming at a slight angle towards the corner doesn’t seem to work. I tried it again here nevertheless, and duly missed. The keeper saved it, actually—saved and held onto it. Up the other end, my keeper, a now-mature Dudek, was also gathering everything coming his way. Who says the PES2009 keepers are just as rubbish as last year’s?

In the final seconds of the game INTER had the best chance of the match. It was their turn to be clear through, and I panickily raced my keeper out towards the striker. He sidestepped and shot. Dudek got the edge of a glove to the ball, killing its pace, but it kept rolling. It looked a certain goal. I’d already resigned myself to it, and to losing 0-1 unfairly. Every Master League player will know exactly what I mean. But suddenly there was Jackson, almost on the line, to hoof it clear.

0-0. It just had to be.


  1. don’t the Italians call them Inter, or Internazionale – it’s only the British that call them Inter Milan – while AC Milan are always just Milan?

  2. Hey not-Greg, yesterday you posted about finally getting your young DM. Does he have middle shooting? How do you use him? Why is having a good DM so integral to your strategy? I can feel a slight fatigue with your writing–judging by the length of this post–SIMPLY judging by the length of this post. Actually I couldn’t really tell if you are feeling fatigued. If I don’t comment that much, it’s that I am kinda struggling to keep up. I’m just trying to look out for you ;).

    Oh yeah and keep that positive frame of mind, or snap yourself into it. You need to become a Master League beater again!

  3. I’ve clawed my way through to my first mid-season negotiations. On one hand hitting this point has made the game step up in my eyes, mainly due to having better players and therefore being able to get a better feel for the proper gameplay but on the other hand I am absolutely horrified by the new menu system for transfers.

    Everything about it just feels and looks wrong. The stupid arrow thing when approaching a club with a transfer fee for a player just looks stupid and thats only the start of my frustrations with the menu system.

    I’m currently fairly close to trading in PES2009. I’ve warmed to the gameplay somewhat but I’m still not getting the enjoyment I’m used to out of the ML. All probably not helped by playing out 3 consecutive 0-0 draws after the negotiation period and in each game I had quite a few clear cut chances to win.

  4. Stinger – I can sympaphise with your experiences, I too for the first 2 or 3 ML seasons found myself questioning the game, bewildered at the blatant scripting, getting agitated with the games basic flaws, but I have persevered, and am now in my 5th ML season, still in Div 2, having just missed out on promotion by a single point, and missing the Cup Final on agg score.

    I can appreciate PES gameplay for what it is now, and it isnt until you start to build a team of better players and ditch the defaults that you can really begin to enjoy PES, in my opinion anyway.

    There are still certain things that REALLY annoy me, like my players performing lunging tackles in the penalty box to give away penalties and ulltimately cost me the game, despite me not even pressing the tackle or pressure button, but the biggest one has to be the blatant ignorance towards the basic rules of the game. I can look at a CPU player and its a foul, yet i am virtually ASSAULTED in a majority of games, both in open field and in the box in dead cert scoring positions, and a foul is NEVER given to me!!! EVER!!!
    It’s so bad it makes some matches a farce, Konami really need to be patching this, Id consider it on a par with FIFA’s much aligned sidestep bug that was patched.

    But all that aside, i now accept PES gameplay for what it is, and am actually enjoying it, the enveloping feeling you get from the ML campaign makes it all worth while and once you get some decent players that can ping a ball about and hit the target, the game does open up alot, so keep plugging away, bare with the hordes of 0-0 draws and recruit wisely, you’ll reap the rewards in the end!

  5. abbeyhill – I think you are correct about what the Italians call Inter Milan at home, but it’s strange for PES to go with the naming convention of a single country. I still haven’t got round to Editing the ‘proper’ name (for me) into the game!

    steph_wheeler – my DMF is crucial, and it’s crucial for him to have Middle Shooting because of my formation and style of play. A 4-3-3 with a lone DMF sitting in front of the back four means he gets a lot of long-distance opportunities.

    And I’m not fatigued with either PES2009 or the blog, more pushed for time at this time of year if anything. I always meant to go for more shorter posts this season anyway. My longer, waffling posts aren’t supposed to be the norm. The norm is just whatever I can do in the time available.

    As it happens, after my Christmas Day post (a special one) I’ll be taking a break for a whole week. Again this is nothing to do with fatigue but a combination of being very busy with work and lots of other stuff at this time of year, and wanting to play other games (especially the likes of Football Manager and Fallout3) with the spare time I do have.

    stinger – it’d probably take you a full season or two for you to settle fully, but it looks as if you won’t make it that far before trading it in. Shame, as I still think PES2009 is a very good PES game.

    And the silly giant arrow in negotiations is indeed… very silly. But that’s not my biggest gripe. What about when you have to press X four times to confirm the simplest action?! Grrrr.

    Paul – good to hear you’re enjoying PES2009. It is a good game but PES2008 has poisoned the well for most PES fans, I’m afraid. It was only by chance, really—and I suppose habit—that I found myself playing it and slowly getting into it. It wasn’t for a couple of ML seasons that I started daring to think it was actually a good game after all. Until that point I was only tolerating it, really.

    Oh, and my latest theory on the auto-tackle thing – it’s because of R1! If you’re strangling the sprint button it makes the auto-tackle happen. I’ve deliberately laid off R1 whilst trying to recover the ball in my box, and I haven’t had the auto-tackle happen at all ever since (touch wood).

  6. You are correct Inter should be Internazionale……but Milan is always Milan and not Milano because the club was founded by Englishmen and was originally called AC Milan Football and Cricket Club…….hence the English Flag in the clubs emblem. great factoid that….one of my favourites

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