We can be unsung heroes

Season 2017 got underway with a high-scoring game against FC Basel. My newly-positioned central stiker, Kim Cyun Hi, scored 4 goals in a sensational performance. He had a hat trick by half time, and then knocked in his fourth goal partway through the second half. The final score was 6-2.

I’ve almost given up trying to keep clean sheets. It seems to me that PES2008, more than any other ‘classic’ PES, simply isn’t very ‘clean-sheet-friendly’. Or, again, is it me? I’ve made a big deal out of my averageness at the game—is being relatively poor in defence just another aspect of being average? I always think that I should be better at defence after spending many seasons on PES5 conceding less than 10 goals. If I made up my mind not to concede a goal, I usually could do it. It doesn’t seem to work in PES2008.

My other two goals against Basel came from my other two strikers. Giggs out on the left bagged himself one, and Del Piero on the right—playing instead of an unfit Andy Cole—also contributed with a fine drive from an acute angle. It’s always good when all of your strikers get on the scoresheet. I like to imagine that it improves their collective morale and sharpens them up for the next game, although this is probably wishful thinking.

Del Piero, incidentally, is one of my squad’s unsung heroes. I’ve had him as a Regen for a few seasons now and his stats have suddenly shot up. I most often play him as an AMF in place of Camacho or Dos Santos when required. For some reason I always think of Del Piero solely as a midfielder, despite him being extremely handy as a CF.

I’ll try to focus upon Del Piero—and my other unsung heroes—in due course. For now, I look at Del Piero in particular and wonder if I should pick him instead of Dos Santos. Del Piero, although right-footed, has those two magic words—both sides—that enable him to play over on the ‘wrong’ side of the pitch. However, I like to match players’ footedness with their positions. I just think a left-sided role demands a left-footed player. Eveything seems to work better that way—at least in my mind, which is arguably where any team has to work first if it’s to work at all.

Maybe I should have got a left-footed AMF in the pre-season. I spent the negotiation period not getting any new players. I did want a couple of new players, and tried for some top targets (Shaw, Bos, Khumalo) but they wouldn’t come to me after two attempts each and I just gave up.

My squad, although brilliant (if I may say so myself), felt a little stale at times last season. Yes, I won the Treble, but in the League it was more a case of the top CPU team, Valencia, mysteriously throwing it away. I lost or drew too many games, I finished the season top of the league on goal difference, with a win average of just 60% and an unpleasant taste in my mouth.

I’m definitely suffering from PES fatigue. I suffer from it at some point every PES year. I’m only human, and familiarity breeds contempt, and worse things happen at sea, and so on and so forth… This year has been my worst year for PES fatigue—for several reasons. For one thing there’s the startling emergence of FIFA and its beguiling new style of football gaming. There’s also the fact of so many other great games on the next-gen consoles all clamouring for my attention. I still haven’t played my copy of Mass Effect, and I know I want to.

But the main reason is that I’ve probably played the PSP version of PES2008 just a bit too much. At times over the past few months, PES on the PSP has been the last thing I’ve done before going to sleep and the first thing I’ve done after waking up—for weeks at a time. There’s only so much of that kind of thing that any game could withstand. PES is only human too.



  1. ” I still haven’t played my copy of Mass Effect”

    I don’t want to contribute to your PES fatigue, but this game is brilliant! You need to spend about two weeks, just playing it!

  2. About playing a right-footed player on the left, I do it all the time. You just have to make sure he has good accuracy stats on the “wrong” foot. I actually only have two left-footers on my whole squad, I think.

    You’re not posting any Kim Cyun Hi goals! I’d like to see if they’re the same kind that I score with him all the time. He has a big repertoire, but the kind that I score most regularly is “receive a pass from Khumalo/Bradley, sidestep a defender, sprint, shoot from the edge of the box past a surprised goalie”.

    I took the time to save a handful of his goals yesterday, and I’m going to do a little compilation. There are some different ones, but most are like the one I described. I don’t score many headers with him, as you mentioned. Maybe because I don’t cross much.

    I also took pics of his currents stats and goal ranking, that I’ll be putting up somewhere as soon as I can find the damn usb cable to connect camera to computer.

  3. Not Given – I played the first hour of Mass Effect and it did seem like my kind of thing. Then my 360 froze—as you’ll know it’s a big problem with the 360, and with Mass Effect in particular—and I quit for the night and somehow never went back. I’m pining for other game action at the moment.

    Adriano – I’ve got one or two Kim replays, but as my new policy is only to post remarkable goals you can be sure he is scoring the bread and butter kind! His 5 goals so far this season have all been pretty standard. 2 have been headers – he is really good in the air for a relatively short player. It’s what I want though so I’m finally seeing Kim realise his potential.

  4. His bread and butter goals for me are actually like I described, get the ball dribble a defender, shoot, score. I score a bunch of goals with him by stealing the ball from defenders. There are very few defenders stronger than him. Only the likes of Stam can SOMETIMES outmuscle him in a sprint towards the goal.

  5. Hey, I uploaded a few pics of Kim Cyun Hi’s stats. If anyone wants to check it out:

    I’m uploading some videos too, I can leave a link here too, if you don’t object to it, not greg.

  6. Adriano – my blogging software held your post with the links for moderation and I just saw it now. By all means go ahead and post a link to the vid as well.

    First reaction to the stats: gulp. I don’t think I’ve ever seen stats like them in any PES for any player, ever. I was already committed to developing Kim and exploiting his potential. Even more so now…

    Regarding his ‘bread and butter’ goals that he’s getting for me now, my bread and butter goals consist of a lay-off or a one-two or an aerial through ball followed by a run on goal and a shot past the keeper. I don’t think I’ve beaten any CPU players with Kim yet, but this is due to my playing style. I don’t beat anyone with my strikers, usually. If I do take on opposition players and beat them, it’s usually with midfielders. I know it sounds a bit lame but that’s how I play.

    Will I ever get the best out of Kim, playing like this? With stats like his it’d be hard not to!

  7. Regarding the stats, I think that Khumalo gets very close to Kim. At least he did in my ML. Whenever Kim is unfit, I field Yamada as the AMF and bring Khumalo forward to the CF position, and he does nearly as well as KCH. I’ll take a pic of Khumalo’s stats later.

    The video links: I’m still getting the hang of this whole video thing, so bear with me.

    Here’s a poor quality video of one goal:

    And here’s a badly edited comp with better image quality (the first goal there is by Koeman, I didn’t realize it until I had already uploaded the video):

    Nothing really amazing, just a taste of the guy’s RAW POWER. 🙂

  8. Adriano – my very first impression is that I’ve got to get myself a proper video camera. My mobile phone just won’t do any more. If your video is ‘poor quality’ what does that make all of mine?!

    It’s a very good quality video, and your Kim’s goals and your style of play are very interesting to behold… (Nice accompaniment by your baby too!)

    My Kim is still only 20 or 21 (I think) and so I’ve got it all to come. Could he end up becoming a game-wrecking Elcherino-style player for me, is what I’m now worried about.

  9. Ha! I didn’t realize there was sound going on. I thought I’d turned it all down during editing.

    I was comparing my videos to your goal comps when I called mine ‘poor quality’.

    I don’t think he can ruin it for you. You can’t really go around defenders like that without actually dribbling. If you just try to sprint and run around them, you’ll lose the ball in most cases.

  10. Ok, so I got embarrassed about the whole baby incident, and I’ve uploaded another edit of the video with a ‘cool’ bgm.


  11. Damn it, the link is wrong, this is the right one:

  12. Adriano – why embarrassed?! Anyway, the video has sunk into my unconscious now and I’ve tried to play with Kim Cyun Hi the way you do—with mixed results. I’m just not cut out for dribbling (one of the reasons why next-gen PES2008 with its kindergarten-level dribbling was such a shock to the system, eventually).

    I’m still getting a lot out of him playing with him in my way, and of course he’s still a few years away from being anythign like your uber-Kim.

  13. Unbelievable stats with KIM CYUN HI, I have never seen stats like that before.

  14. You should go into free training with Kim and do a little dribbling there without opposition at first and then with a couple defenders. My ‘secret’ is to use R2 for precise dribbling.

    I always do it like that, unless I’m on a break away and there’s a defender coming towards me, that’s when a precisely time R1 + diagonal move on the d-pad works wonders.

    As far as sidestepping, you just have to get the hang of the way the CPU defenders usually play. They’re stupid, and will usually try to tackle you right away, instead of waiting for you to make a move.

    So it’s quite easy actually after you do it for a while. And it’s fun. Though it might make it too easy.

    I don’t do much of the fancy marseille roulette/double stepovers/elástico kind of dribble, though. It’s riskier, and I’ve come to a point where I want to score as many goals as possible. But sometimes I’ll try for the cheekier stuff, like fake-shooting to get the keeper down, and even lobbing the poor goalie. I should try a few cooler moves in the future to make up for a flashier compilation.

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