Spending warm summer days indoors

The past week in the UK has seen summer arrive, with interest. I don’t ever remember it being as hot during May as it’s been over the last seven days, especially over the weekend just past. When the sun is out and the sky is blue (and there’s not a cloud to spoil my view), it begs the question: what am I doing sitting/standing/laying here, with this games console controller in my hand, playing with myself? I could be out there in the world, enjoying the sun and doing whatever else it is that people seem to like doing. What’s the attraction of any game when there’s a gorgeous, sun-kissed world sitting waiting to be explored? What’s the attraction of PES?

I might try to answer those questions another time, maybe later in the summer when the mercury levels really start to rise. They’re mainly rhetorical questions anyway. I only wanted to justify today’s post title. But I have indeed been spending warm summer days indoors, playing the next six or so games of season 2016 in my Master League career in PES2008—the good PS2/PSP version of the game. Not that shoddy PS3 version, which I am given to understand was much improved for its Japanese and North American release. If true (and I’ve got to accept it might be) that just makes me feel even worse about the game we got. Grrr.

I won a few, I lost one, I drew another. My league position is nothing special, but I suppose it’s better to be third than mid-table. The start of this season has been… well, it’s been strange. I started quickly last season and I was top by now, but this season I’m off the pace. That’s okay; it’s early days yet. Perhaps the oddest thing of all is seeing Atletico Madrid set the early pace. They were in Division 2 last season and have come straight up to go to the top of the table. I think that by the mid-season negotiations the top three will be made up of the usual suspects. And it’s about time that Barcelona made a challenge for the title. They’ve been nowhere in all my seasons in Division 1 so far.

A couple of my wins were big ones, 3-0 and 4-0. I played Real Madrid and Valencia one after the other, and they were two of the weirdest, most peculiar games I’ve ever played—they were kind of like last season’s penultimate Villarreal game in that I couldn’t seem to gain any traction at all against a rampant CPU; and they were also kind of like the Heracles Almelo game from the start of this season, with the ball semi-permanently tied up in midfield and neither goal threatened much.

The Real Madrid game ended 0-0, and the Valencia game should have ended the same way. The score was 0-0 heading into injury time, but then I got a taste of my own medicine. With almost the last kick of the game I let my guard slip—it was just bad defending: no complaints—and Valencia slotted home the winner.

The defeat ended my unbeaten status a lot sooner this season than last. That’s okay too. In a way, I’m relieved. It should be noted that Laurito, my new, young, unknown striker with the impressive-looking stats and promising future, played in a few of these games and performed excellently well. He got two of my goals in the 4-0 win, and scored the odd one here and there in the others.

Whisper it (especially around here), but Kim Cyun Hi has not so far set the world alight out there on the right. My non-dribbling, pass-and-move playing style may have a lot to do with it. But it’s still relatively early days for Kim Cyun Hi and it has to be said that he’s been effective for me when he’s played in the centre, his natural position. I might have to start rotating him with Schwarz.

I’ve collected a few goal replays from this clutch of games. Bradley has been up to his tricks again, scoring from ridiculously far out. This goal is probably the furthest-out I’ve scored from in PES2008 thus far:


  1. I take it that you have a penpal in Luxembourg, right?
    It’s always fun to play “with” yourself even when it’s warm outside. If sunny weather was an impediment for enjoying PES, the game would be a huge flop in Brazil, but it’s a major hit.
    I’m glad to hear Laurito is starting to deliver the goods. I’ll see if I can find him in my ML.
    Why don’t you play 4-4-2 with Schwarz and KCH playing off each other? I find Schwarz was amazing in a duo with Ben Sahar in my alternative ML. I haven’t tried playing Kim in 4-4-2, and all the joy he’s given me was as CF in a 4-3-3 formation with a CF and two WFs instead of three CFs.

  2. Adriano – I’ve referenced my penpal in Luxembourg before. She’s doing great!

    I could never change from a 4-3-3 now. I have tried to change formation before, but it’s never felt right and it’s never worked for me. I definitely will be playing Kim in the middle eventually. Schwarz is ageing, along with all my other youths from the start of this career. Camacho is 26 now. (And, whisper this, but Schwarz isn’t all that great for me.) Kim is still only 20 and he’s got a few seasons of development left yet. In the middle I think he’ll find his place – have you noticed how great he is in the air? Better than Schwarz!

  3. What are you dong!?

    Get it on the PSP and spend the day outdoors, better yet leave the PSP at home. But I suspect you won’t be able to do that so keep it by yourside.

    The weather is brilliant though, I went home this weekend (further up north) and it rained there. Yet now I’m back in liverpool the wether is mazing again, clear blue skys! 🙂

    That goal was along way out indeed. 😮

  4. Paww – one of the great drawbacks of the PSP is that its screen is invisible outdoors! It’s true. You can’t even play it indoors with a window behind you.

  5. I game more than ever during this weather to avoid going outside.

    I am playing a Chelsea League so I can rectify the travesty of them not winning the EPL..

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